Idaho Frank Church Wilderness Spring Black Bear Hunt #OI-WMO2

Kyle Hanson's beautiful Idaho spring bear


Idaho Wilderness Black Bear Hunts

This is not your average bear hunt! These Spring Backcountry Black Bear hunts are conducted in one of the largest and most remote wilderness area left in the lower 48, The Frank Church Wilderness of Idaho! Bears in these remote areas have rarely been hunted and are managed for old age class.

This operation targets mature boars only and houses a high concentration of trophy color phase. Idaho offers some of the most unique color phase black bears in the world. The majority of bears harvested are a color other than black, and can vary from chocolate to blondes and reds with many variations in between!

We consider these hunts to be “Semi-Guided” as hunters will normally sit baits by themselves.

  • Remote Backcountry Fly in hunts.
  • Trophy quality bears.
  • High concentration of color phase.
  • Baited and Spot & Stalk options.
  • Wall tent & Cabin based accommodations.
  • Bear hunts are 6 days/ 7 nights.
  • Each hunter will be provided with a satellite inReach device for communication with base camp while on the bait.
  • Hunters are provided with all transportation to and from the baits.
  • Off road vehicles are used for Transportation on the baited hunts.
  • Horses are used on the early season Spot & Stalk hunts.
  • Guides will cape, quarter, and pack out hunters bears.

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Both the early season Spot & Stalk and mid season baited hunts are conducted from one of the comfortable Deluxe Wall Tent base camps complete with separate guest, guide, dining, shower, and outhouse tents.

Lodging and Accommodations

There are three main camp locations. Camps cover 240 square miles, both in and out of the Wilderness.

  • Both the early season Spot & Stalk and mid season baited hunts are conducted from one of the comfortable Deluxe Wall Tent base camps complete with separate guest, guide, dining, shower, and outhouse tents.
  • Guest’s tents are equipped with premium wood stoves, cots & foam pads.
  • The later spring hunts are conducted from the Deluxe Yurt located in the wilderness complete with beds & facilities!
  • Eat like you never have before in the backcountry with homemade delicacies prepared for you daily by a full time Camp Chef. All meals are prepared with only the freshest home grown and local ingredients from our Outfitters own gardens!

Typical Daily Schedule

Mature Black Bears are most active in the afternoons and evenings. Coincidentally our wind conditions in the Mountains are most consistent during this time as well so this is when we hunt them! During the early season Spot and Stalk hunts, bears can be active all day, hunters can glass for bears early & late.

On the baited hunts our hunters should plan to relax the first half of the day, enjoying the breathtaking views this country has to offer! Every day will start with a Camp Chef prepared meal & Coffee. Mornings can be spent shooting bows, sharing stories and reviewing trail cameras. Once lunchtime hits, the Camp Chef will prepare another delicious meal before its time to go out for the afternoon hunt. After lunch hunters & the guide will travel to the bear bait’s where they will be escorted in and dropped off for the hunt. At the end of the night hunters are met back at the drop-off point to go skin a bear or head back to camp for another Chef prepared meal prior to turning in for the day.

“If you’re not having fun in Bear Camp, then you’re doing it wrong!”

Hunters will have multiple options for traveling to these remote hunts.

Travel Information

Hunters will have multiple options for traveling to these remote hunts. Remote Trailheads can be accessed by Charter Service or Four Wheel Drive Vehicle after arriving in Idaho. Most hunters will Charter into the remote wilderness from McCall ID. Detailed directions will be provided for travel within Idaho per each specific hunt. Depending on time of year with weather conditions and specific road access. Four Wheel Drive Vehicle are HIGHLY encouraged.

Game Meat and Trophies

All meat will be transported to our local processor and all costs associated thereafter are the responsibility of the client. All capes will be prepared and frozen ready for taxidermy, arrangements can be made to ship for an additional fee. Local Taxidermy options available!

Remote Backcountry Fly in hunts

Gear List

This is a list of what we recommend to bring for gear, if you have something you prefer that you find works for you then bring it. We’ve found this list to cover just about any weather scenario we may encounter.

Gear is very personal, these are purely what we prefer, nothing is mandatory. We’ve found a layering system to work most efficiently when mountain hunting. Not only does it pack lighter, but it also allows you to be comfortable in adverse conditions. We highly recommend you avoid cotton clothing at all cost, fast drying synthetics or wool can save your life!

  • (1) pair of HIGH QUALITY BOOTS – Stiff boots work the best in our steep country. Good boots can make getting to and from baits much more enjoyable. I prefer uninsulated.
  • (6) pairs of socks. I highly recommend merino. Underwear – Whatever works for you, I prefer merino
  • (1-2) set of base layer tops and bottoms merino is my favorite.
  • (2-3) pants, at least one warm pair and one lighter pair.
  • (3-6) shirts.
  • (2) mid layer tops and/or vest.
  • (1-2) warm jacket and/or puffy coat – I prefer a puffy coat for weight to insulation ratio. I highly recommend heavy fill puffy jacket and pants for long sits if you are cold blooded.
  • (1) Quality set of rain gear top and bottoms
  • (2-3) pair of gloves. I prefer at least one waterproof glove and another set of thick warm gloves.
  • Winter hat and ball cap
  • (1) neck warmer/balaclava
  • Backpack. Although many hunts require a nice backpack, this hunt does not. Something small and comfortable you can carry extra layers and snacks to and from your bait stand is all you should need.
  • Binoculars. Quality optics make a big difference.
  • Rifle and Ammo/ Bow and Arrows – This is the #1 most important piece of gear you will bring. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you bring a rifle you are confident and well practiced with. Any caliber above .260 will work when paired with appropriate loads and I recommend heavy arrows with good fixed blade broadheads. Although bears are tough animals, and you certainly can’t overkill one. My advice is to shoot as far and as often as you possibly can before you come. All baits are setup within 75-150 yards of where hunters will sit, as well as 15-25 yard blinds for archery and handgun hunters. This is the one area you cannot be over prepared for, it is your sole job on this hunt to make sure you are the best marksman you can be. 1 box of ammo minimum
  • (1) Water bottle or bladder.
  • Sleeping bag and pillow – You will be sleeping on padded cots in wall tent with a wood stove, I prefer a more comfortable rectangular bag rated for around
  • 15-30 degrees and a small pillow
  • Medications – Any prescription medications as well as some basic stuff like Ibuprofen, allergy medication, cold medicine, vitamin C, cough drops, etc that you might need.
  • Toiletries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Hand warmers
  • Butt pad for glassing & sitting (Optional to some, you won’t catch me without one) Thermarest Z pads are cheap
  • Headlamp + Extra Batteries

Idaho Frank Church Wilderness Spring Black Bear hunts
Successful bear baiting is a bit of an art form, and OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL outfitters know how to do it right and deliver for our hunters year after year.

Booking Information

Interested in booking this trip? If you have not yet received pricing please request it here, and be sure to reference the trip number at the top of this page. Please note that reservations are not considered finalized until agreed upon deposit is received. This ensures agreed upon dates and current pricing. Quality outfitters are in high demand so let us know right away, as some trips do book years in advance.

Trip Includes:

  • First bear (second bear on harvest fee).
  • Semi-guided hunting.
  • Field care of game harvested.
  • Meals & Lodging for the scheduled hunt days
  • Logistical assistance Pre/Post hunt.
  • Application assistance of necessary tags & licence.

Not Included:

When you’re ready to book, if you haven’t already ask your Outdoors International Consultant for updated pricing.

If it looks good, your consultant will write up a booking agreement for you. Remember, our service is free to you. There are no added costs.

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