Washington Black Bear Hunt #OI-WGS1

The outfitter has an intimate knowledge of the area, and keeps tabs on the big bears that are hitting the clear cuts.

Hunt #OI-WGS1

Washington State Trophy Black Bear Hunt

This spot-and-stalk black bear hunt on the Olympic Peninsula has the potential for a real trophy bear.

Washington has the highest bear population in the lower 48, and these Washington bear hunts on the Olympic Peninsula give our hunters a great chance at a trophy coastal black bear.

You can expect prime-pelted bears, and mature boars are the norm.

  • Western Washington State, Coastal Unit, Olympic Peninsula
  • Private timber company land and public land on the Olympic peninsula near Forks, Washington. Lots of thick timber.
  • Early in August and goes through October.
  • These are spot-and-stalk Washington black bear hunts. You will glass pre-scouted clear cuts and berry fields early in the morning and in the evening. Stopping for a lunch break at mid-day. Sometimes, calling can be effective as well.
  • 80% success rate with 100% of their hunters having an opportunity over the past few years.
  • Bears squaring seven feet and over are fairly common now that hound hunting and bear baiting was banned years ago.
  • Washington also offers two bear tags per hunter, which makes these hunts even more attractive.
  • This outfitter is a long-range shooting enthusiast, so this is a great hunt if that interests you.

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Brandon Couchman's Washington Bear Hunt

Dates and Pricing

Interested in booking this trip? If you have not yet received pricing please request it here, and be sure to reference the trip number at the top of this page. Please note that reservations are not considered finalized until agreed upon deposit is received. This ensures agreed upon dates and current pricing. Quality outfitters are in high demand so let us know right away, as some trips do book years in advance.


  • 1:1 professionally guided
  • All trophy care (skinning and packing out)
  • Prep of meat for processing
  • Cold storage of meat and hide
  • All transportation to and from field
  • Some filming upon request
  • Taxidermy referral

Not Included

With virtually zero hunting pressure, this outfitter targets bears that will square larger than six feet.

Hunting Season and Tags

  • Washington bear hunting season starts early in August and goes through October.
  • Hunting license and bear tags are available over the counter.
  • The outfitter will accompany you to the local sporting goods store to help you get that taken care of. *Be sure to have your Hunters Safety information. They will ask for it.
  • You may also need a permit for access to timber company land. The outfitter will let you know prior to your hunt. The fee is minimal.

Lodging is not included.

  • There is cabin-based lodging available on a first-come-first-served basis, as well as a hotel or a local bed-and-breakfast.
  • Meals on your own at local restaurants except lunches. Most hunt days are full days in field.

Travel Information

  • Most hunters fly to Seattle (Sea-Tac) and rent a car for the short drive to Forks, Washington.
  • It is a 3 hour drive to Forks, WA.
  • Flying from SEATAC to Port Angeles is also an option (short flight). Rent a car from there, or the outfitter will pick up for a fee.

Photos from this hunt: