Premier big game hunting in argentina

Hunt Red stags in the beautiful country of La Pampa, Argentina while enjoying five star accommodations!

If you’re looking for an exciting big game hunt, look no further than the prized Red stag. This hunt offers the beauty of Argentina while at the same time providing access to some of the largest Stags in Argentina. This hunt also offers the comforts of high end quality lodging with large bedrooms and tea time!

  • 1×1 Professional Guiding
  • Some of the largest free range stags in Argentina, and we have estate options as well.
  • High quality accommodations
  • Hunt during the “Roar”
  • Dates from March to late August
  • Besides free range and/or estate red stags, you can also hunt: Axis deer; blackbuck antelope; hybrid sheep; water buffalo; fallow deer; mouflon sheep; feral goats; multi-horned sheep; and capybara.

Typical Daily Itinerary

  • Wake up around 5:15  for breakfast so you can be hunting around 6 a.m.
  • Drive out for the morning stalk in the forest
  • Back to the lodge for lunch and the usual “siesta” so you are well rested and ready for the afternoon
  • Around 4:30 guides and hunters will return to the woods to hunt until dark.
  • At suppertime your Chef will prepare an amazing Argentinian meal for you
  • Evenings are often spent around the fire pit with drinks and stories of the day

On your final day at the Lodge, you will be able to hunt the morning if desired. An early lunch will be provided as you prepare to depart for Victorica, then Buenos Aires. There you will be met by a member of the outfitter’s team and they will assist in transferring you to your international flight home.

Outdoors International

At Outdoors International, we understand the importance of meticulous planning and seamless logistics for a successful and stress-free hunt. Our fully vetted outfitters will do their best to help take care of every detail, allowing you to focus on your adventure.


  • All transportation during the hunt.
  • Lodging.
  • All meals and beverages including wine, liquor and spirits.
  • Wifi, electricity, daily laundry service.
  • 1×1 Hunting Guide.
  • Trophy preparation.
  • Assistance to obtain hunting license and permits.
  • Assistance to obtain gun and ammo license and permits.
  • Assistance with visas to enter Argentina if necessary.
  • Hunting licenses – $200/hunter
  • Lodging, transfers and travel expenses before and after your hunt.
  • Gun rental and ammunition – Rifle $50/Day – Bullets (mkt price – 10$ ea)
  • Trophy Tags – $65 each
  • Trophy Export – Taxidermy
  • Trip Insurance is highly recommended, especially on International hunts.
  • Gratuities for your guide and staff.

Lodging and Accommodations

You’ll be staying in a very nice, brand new hunting lodge.

  • Each hunter will have their own double bedroom with private bathroom, laundry service and room service.
  • Guests will also have a living room/lounge to relax in and visit with fellow hunters.

Exceptional Dining

  • For Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, and Dinner fine Argentinian Cuisine will be prepared by your chef.
  • You can expect local game, Asado, and high quality beverages.

A daily schedule goes something like this:

  • Wake up for breakfast and be out in the field before sunrise. Hunt all morning.
  • Back to the lodge for lunch and the usual “siesta” so you are well rested and ready for the afternoon.
  • Afternoon hunt.
  • Dinner at the lodge.

Travel Information

When you arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a host from your outfitter will be there to welcome you.

Your host will assist in your transfer to the Domestic Airport for your private charter to Victorica, La Pampa. From Victorica, Staff will pick you up and drive you a little over an hour out to the lodge.

On arrival to the ranch you will be greeted with “picada” and drinks while allowed to settle into your room for a relaxing afternoon. On this 1st day hunters will have a chance to sight in their rifle and hunt the first evening if they’d like. Later in the evening, guests will enjoy a traditional Argentinian “asado” along with some good local wine.

How to Get Your Trophy Back Home

Fortunately, in Argentina, there exist specialized companies dedicated to managing the intricate logistics and transportation of your prized large game trophies. These reputable companies possess the expertise to handle and meticulously prepare the trophies on-site, meticulously adhering to both international export regulations and the specific preferences of their esteemed clientele. Among their array of services, trophy handling companies often engage in processes such as salting and drying the hides, dipping, bleaching, and meticulously dissecting the skulls. Additionally, they may collaborate with skilled taxidermists, who meticulously assess the trophies’ quality to ensure their suitability for export.

Furthermore, these companies undertake the responsibility of completing and filing all essential paperwork and permits, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for the hunter. Once the trophies are prepared and the necessary export documents are duly issued, the shipping arrangements are organized. It is important to note that when exporting trophies from Argentina, most shipping companies necessitate the delivery of trophies to a customs broker at the destination country to facilitate the required clearance procedures. Some companies have established partnerships with a select list of trusted brokers, while experienced hunters have the option to provide their preferred broker’s information. Upon successful clearance at the destination country, the trophies can be conveniently shipped either directly to the hunter or their chosen taxidermist.

Anticipated shipping timelines typically indicate that your well-deserved trophy will depart Argentina within 12 months from the conclusion of your hunt. To facilitate a smooth process, it is advisable to allocate at least an additional day in the area or at your hunting lodge after the conclusion of your hunt, ensuring the necessary permits and trophies are meticulously prepared. It is worth noting that numerous trophy handling companies offer comprehensive packages tailored specifically for hunters from the United States. These all-inclusive packages often encompass not only the export and shipping procedures but may even extend to the mounting of trophies within the United States, delivering a truly turnkey solution for discerning hunters.

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