Idaho Luxury Vacation Adventure #OI-SLRO

Scotlyn Ranch Retreat


With dozens of all-inclusive outdoor activities, you can build a unique vacation adventure that you will never forget.

This Ranch Resort is an all-inclusive luxury adventure ranch situated near Kamiah, Idaho with some of the most spectacular terrain you will ever lay your eyes on, making it the ideal base for adventure vacations.  They have luxury accommodations in their lodge and cabins, a full service restaurant and a fully stocked licensed bar.  Their staff will make sure you have the best vacation you have ever had and create lifelong memories for you and your family.  This Resort is also an ideal location for your next corporate retreat, customer appreciation getaway, board meeting, or leadership conference. They can host small, intimate groups, or larger groups, offering spacious meeting facilities with world-renowned service and will take care of your every need.

Surrounded by prairie land, mountains and canyons, rivers, streams and forests, you couldn’t ask for any better. They offer unique and exhilarating packages to suit every taste and every occasion. There are over twenty choices for adventure and excursions and the best part of all is that everything is included!

Customize your Vacation

From family reunions, corporate retreats, destination weddings or just a weekend filled with activities, we have all the amenities right here and our staff will cater to your every need.

We know that each of our clients is different and that they want a unique experience, so why not get in touch with us today and let one of our vacation specialists tailor-make your adventure for the ultimate vacation of a lifetime.

Resort Includes

  • All inclusive pricing
  • Beautiful lodging
  • Fine Dining
  • Dozens of activities
  • Adventure packages
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Romantic weekends for couples
  • Wedding packages

Not Included

Pricing Upon Request

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  2. Contact your OI Consultant *reference trip #OI-SLRO

*Prices subject to change without notice, so lock your price in with a deposit asap.

Reviews and trip reports for this vacation resort.


ATV ridingUltimate UTV/ATV Canyon Adventure

As you drop nearly 1,500 feet into our beautiful canyon at the ranch you will travel through pine forests rich with wildlife. Upon reaching the bottom of the canyon you will get to explore many natural wonders including our natural amphitheater, have lunch in a beautiful setting, take a swim in our private grotto, hike up to the hidden pools, and more!

  • Ages 6 and up
  • Full-day Adventure

Jetboat ToursJet Boat Tour of Hell’s Canyon

Take an amazing adventure through Hell’s Canyon, the deepest gorge in North America on an amazingly powerful Jet Boat. Along the way, you’ll power through the biggest whitewater rapids in Hell’s Canyon. This jet boat tour includes stops at the historical and scenic sites that make Hell’s Canyon unique. You’ll enjoy endless wildlife sightings, lunch, hydrating beverages, and the chance to swim on at a beach at the end of the tour.

  • All ages
  • Full-day Adventure

Idaho steelhead fishing at Scotlyn RanchIdaho Fishing Adventures

It is well known that Idaho offers some of the best fishing in the continental United States, it can also be some of the most adventurous fishing trips as well! Depending on the season and the trip, you may be smashing through whitewater rapids in a Jet Boat on the Snake River to get to the best fishing spots, floating down the Clearwater River in a drift boat, or navigating the Salmon River in a river boat in search of Idaho’s huge sturgeon.

  • Steelhead: September – March
  • Salmon: May – June
  • Sturgeon: April – October
  • Trout and Bass: June – October
  • Ages 6 and up
  • Full-day Adventure

whitewater rafting on the Lochsa riverWhitewater Rafting on the Lochsa River*

Few whitewater rafting trips anywhere on earth offer as much continuous, explosive whitewater as Idaho’s Lochsa River (pronounced Lock-Saw). This full day rafting trip is big white water that satisfies the appetite for thrills for intermediate and expert rafters. Some rivers are big and slow while others are fast and technical. The Lochsa combines the best of both – it’s fast, technical and has a big volume of water. This makes for raft-smashing waves, big hydraulics and holes, and paddler-bashing excitement. Add supreme Idaho mountain scenery, talented guides and great service and you have one of the best whitewater rafting trips in the world.

*Other Whitewater Rafting trips are available on the Salmon River for younger or less adventurous rafters, contact us for details and seasons.

  • Ages 16 and up
  • Full-day Adventure

Western Cattle DriveWestern Cattle Drive

Saddle up and herd ’em out! Cattle need to to be moved across the ranch to find new pastures and you can take part in rustling the cattle and guiding them in this fun adventure. This is the real deal! You will travel through a variety of terrain and the cattle tend to try to wander off. It’s your job to keep them together and round up the stragglers.

  • Ages 12 and up
  • Full-day Adventure

Camping at Scotlyn RanchOvernight Camping Adventure

Subject to weather conditions. Leave the luxury of the Lodge for a rustic overnight stay in the wilderness! Take your choice of UTVs or Horses and ride down into our canyon for a night among the wildlife. Campfire cooking, along with stories about Lewis and Clark, the Nez Perce Tribe and some of the earliest settlers in Idaho make this adventure complete. And of course there will be smores!

  • All ages
  • Full-day Adventure

River RaftingRiver Rafting/Drift Boat

With the Clearwater, Snake, and Salmon Rivers and numerous tributaries in the immediate area, there are numerous opportunities for tubing, rafting, or drifting down the river, everything from exciting trips with rapids, to lazy afternoon float trips. Depending on the season, this can also include fishing. Let your travel agent or vacation specialist know what type of trip you would like and we can plan accordingly.

  • Ages 12 and up
  • Full-day Adventure

Horseback ridingHorseback Riding

Our guides will tailor a great horseback trip for you based on the age and experience of your group. Horseback trips can be as little as an hour, or as long as you desire. Explore the ranch as the earliest pioneers did, on the back of a horse.

  • All ages
  • Half-day Adventure

Spa day at Scotlyn RanchSpa Day

Fancy a Manicure, Pedicure, Facial, or Massage? You can have it all! Scotlyn Ranch works with local professionals to provide these services at the Resort. Availability can be tricky, we recommend booking these services well in advance of your stay, however they are provided at no charge to our guests! Take advantage and pamper yourself!

  • Adults
  • Half-day Adventure

Shotgun SportsShotgun Sports

The Resort has a regulation skeet field and a 5-stand sporting clays field. This is a fun activity for the whole family, and we are glad to provide instruction for beginners, even someone who has never shot a gun before. For corporate or larger groups we can set up competitions. Shotguns and shells are provided.

  • Ages 12 and up
  • Half-day Adventure

Fly fishingCanyon Fly Fishing

This is a fun adventure because it offers both a chance to visit our canyon as well as do some fly fishing. It is seasonal, the best fishing will be between April and June. There are several species of fish in the creek and if you are lucky, you may even catch a wild rainbow trout!

  • Season Dates: June – October
  • All ages
  • Half-day Adventure

long range shootingLong Range Shooting Range

Shoot a wide variety of long range firearms including the Barrett m82A1 Semi-Automatic .50 Caliber sniper rifle, a .338 Lapua Magnum, and many more! Our range features a variety of shooting conditions and distances out to 1,000 yards.

  • Ages 12 and up
  • Half-day Adventure


There are a variety of hiking trails from easy to difficult. Or you can venture off the beaten path and explore our 4.5 square miles of beautiful and rugged country.

  • All ages
  • Half-day Adventure

Lake CharlotteLake Charlotte

Named after our Great Pyrenees dog who loves to swim in it, Lake Charlotte is actually more of a pond than a lake, but it is stocked with trout and is a great place to relax on the floating dock. Kids and Adults can fish, canoe, paddle boat, or swim. It’s a great place to spend a lazy afternoon. And if you catch a big trout, our chef will happily cook it up and serve it for your dinner!

  • All ages
  • Half-day Adventure

Bird Watching Bird Watching

Feel free to explore on your own, or take a guided bird watching tour with an experienced guide who will have a variety of bird calls to call in the various species that exist in North Central Idaho.

  • All ages
  • Half-day Adventure

Idaho mule deerGuided Nature/Wildlife Hike

This is an easy three hour scenic hike around our northern trail system that is open to all ages. While on the hike your guide will help you identify local flora and fauna. Depending on the season, you are likely to see Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Elk, Bald Eagles, and many other animals, maybe even a black bear! The northern trail system takes you to amazing vistas where you will look out upon the Clearwater Valley, the Lochsa and Selway Wilderness areas as well as numerous mountain ranges including the Sawtooth Mountains, Buffalo Hump and Coolwater Mountain. Your guide will be able to show you the path of Lewis and Clark and show you where Tribal encampments were located.

  • All ages
  • Half-day Adventure

Other Adventures and Activities

Guests are free to enjoy any of these activities at any time during their stay.

  • fitness challenge courseFitness Challenge Course (ages 12 and up) – Our Fitness Challenge Course includes a wide variety of activities that involve balance, climbing, and navigating various challenges. It is a fun team building event for corporate groups, or simply a fun place for a family to spend some time between activities.
  • .22 Plinking Gallery (ages 6 and up) – A Shooting Gallery right out of the old wild west! For old and young alike, our shooting gallery offers self-resetting targets and guaranteed fun!
  • Archery (ages 6 and up) – From simple recurve bows where youngsters can get their first taste of shooting a bow and arrow to setting up more complex and difficult shots for experienced archers, there are unlimited options for archery at Scotlyn Ranch.
  • Library (all ages) – Why list reading a book as an activity?! Scotlyn Ranch Resort has a library full of best sellers and some old favorites as well. After days of intense adventure and experiences, sometimes you just need to take a break and decompress. You can curl up on our comfortable couches at the lodge, or as a special treat to yourself, one of our guides will be happy to rig up a hammock between a couple of pine trees where you can relax, read, and enjoy the sounds of nature and cool breezes.



Lodging and Accommodations

This special place is more than just Idaho’s premier guest ranch resort, it’s an escape from the stress of the daily grind. They take pride in matching world-class experiences with some of the best accommodations you’ll find anywhere.

Dining and Beverages

Your Concierge will also work with you to develop a customized meal plan for your group, finding out your favorite foods, wines, beers, and spirits and will submit a menu for your vacation for you to approve. We are happy to accommodate for food allergies or special diets!

Large Groups and Corporate Events

Our restaurant can hold up to 90 guests and we can have lodging accommodations for up to 24 people on site and options for transporting additional guests to nearby hotels.  We offer spacious meeting facilities with world-renowned service and will take care of your every need. Our restaurant will be able to serve up delicious meals for you and your team handmade by our Executive Chef and our location is perfect for adventure team building activities. Get in touch with one of our travel and vacation specialists and see how we can help you to create the perfect corporate meeting or retreat.

Wi-Fi and Cell Service

Verizon and AT&T work well at our Lodge and on much of the upper part of the ranch. Sprint and other carriers have limited or no coverage. We have excellent Wi-Fi at the Lodge and in the Cabins.

Travel Information

There are several options to get to the ranch.  We provide complimentary transportation from any of the airports listed below.  Most of the drives from the airports are extremely scenic and you will be able to enjoy cold beverages (including beer and wine) while enjoying the scenery on the way to and from the resort.

If you are traveling from Seattle or Boise, we recommend driving. Seattle is approximately a 6-hour drive and Boise is a 4.5-hour drive. Charter flights are also available from these locations, please see below.

Recommended Airport:

The closest regional airport is Lewiston, Idaho (LWS), a little over an hour drive away. Delta/SkyWest is the only national carrier that services Lewiston. On the drive from Lewiston to the resort, we will travel along the Clearwater river making for a comfortable and beautiful trip.

Other Airports Options:

  • Pullman, Washington (PUW) – Airline: Alaska. Drive Time: 1:45, Similar route as from Lewiston.
  • Spokane, Washington (GEG) – Airlines: Alaska, American, Delta, United, Southwest, and Frontier. Drive Time: 3 hours, The route will take you through Lewiston and the last 45 minutes will be along the Clearwater River.
  • Missoula, Montana (MSO) – Airlines: Alaska, Delta, American, United, and Frontier. Drive Time: 3.5 hours, This option provides a stunning drive through the Bitterroot National Forest, and going through Lolo Pass on your way to the resort. If you choose to arrive from Missoula, we highly recommend planning your flights so that your drive is during daylight hours, as this is a road trip you will want to see the sights!

Private Aviation / Air Charter

Grangeville, Idaho (KCIG)

Grangeville Airport is a short 25-minute drive from the resort.  It offers a 5,100×75 ft runway that is kept in excellent condition and has 24-hour self serve 100LL and JET-A fuel available.  Lewiston, Idaho (KLWS) is also an option if you need a larger runway (6,511×150 ft).

Charters from Seattle

We recommend Donovan from Jetstream Aviation ( He can be reached at 208-972-7607 or at He flies a KingAir B200 which can hold nine (9) passengers. The round trip cost is $10,900.

Erin Air is also recommended ( They have a Cessna Citation XL jet (8 pax) and a Cessna Bravo jet (7 pax). They fly out of Boeing Field and can be reached at 206-329-4664 – ask for Candis. The round trip cost will be $12-14,000 depending on the jet you choose.

Charters from Boise

We recommend either McCall Aviation ( – 208-634-7137) or Gem Air ( – 208-756-7382). Both of these companies offer a variety of airplanes and costs.


Suggested gear list for your adventure

The Resort provides most everything you will need outside of clothing and toiletries (we do have a stock of regular toiletries if you forget something!). You will need clothing appropriate to the activities you will be doing. The weather in Idaho can vary greatly season to season, be sure to check the weather before you leave.

Even in the summer, it can be quite warm during the day (80-95 degrees F) and cool down in the evenings, so a light pullover or windbreaker is highly recommended. Due to the wide variety of activities, a variety of footwear is also recommended: Hiking Boots, Tennis Shoes, Water Shoes. Layering is also a good idea for any time of the year due to the wide variety of weather you may encounter – it is not uncommon to have a cold morning followed by a very warm afternoon and then a cool evening.