Embarking on an unguided, DIY hunt in Alaska is an adventure tailored for the rugged and physically adept individual.

This undertaking is not suited for everyone, as it demands a level of knowledge and physical prowess to navigate the challenging terrain. Prospective hunters are strongly advised to be in optimal physical condition upon their arrival to fully appreciate and endure the demands of the expedition. The allure of these DIY black bear hunts lies in the opportunity to engage in an experience that requires resilience and stamina.

For those hunters who relish the prospect of a physically demanding challenge, the region boasts an abundance of exceptional bears waiting to be discovered. The rugged landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for a true wilderness experience, where only the most determined and physically prepared individuals can thrive. An unguided black bear hunt in Alaska caters to the adventurous spirit, offering a unique opportunity for those who seek a hands-on, physically demanding encounter.

  • This DIY hunt is seven full days of unguided black bear hunting and fishing in Alaska Unit 13.
  • This unit has high densities of black bears and three bears per hunter can be taken on this hunt. Tags are are available over-the-counter.
  • Hunting Season is year-round, but this hunt is only offered during the month of September.
  • Trophy quality is amazing. Boars that square seven feet are a possibility.
  • Success rates are 60% and opportunity rate is 70-80%. All hunters have bear sightings. *Success is slightly higher on the fully guided hunts.
  • During the month of September, hunters can also take wolves and a wolverine for no trophy fee. So get your tags if you want an opportunity at these trophies.
  • Fishing is included and it can be amazing.
  • You CANNOT fly and hunt on the same day.
  • Moderate to Difficult hunts.
  • Each camp must have a minimum of two hunters.
  • Any legal weapon is permitted.
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DIY Black Bear Hunt in Alaska



Schedule your flight to arrive early on the day of your field departure, or the night before. Late arrivals may not allow sufficient time for transportation to the camp.

Airport Pickup: This is not included in the price of your hunt, however if you hire our preferred charter service, they will meet you in Anchorage to transport you to the Palmer airport (with a stop at Cabelas for incidentals), and then on to the hunting area.

Charter from Palmer to Base Camp: Be prepared for potential flight delays, weather can always be an issue in Alaska. Your charter pilot will prioritize safety and will not fly in risky conditions.

Boat Shuttle to Camping/Hunting Area: Someone will shuttle you via boat to a lakeshore hunting area to start your hunt. There is a cabin where you can store luggage and gear that you don’t want to take into the field with you.

You can inReach base camp for a pickup to come back to the cabin if you are tagged out or just want to spend the night in the cabin (it is required that every hunter have an inReach). If you do choose to stay in the cabin and hunt from there, there is a per night charge.

Departure Planning: Plan your departure from Anchorage for the day after your scheduled field extraction.

Pre-Post Hunt Lodging: Hunters are responsible for any pre and post-lodging arrangements in Palmer or Anchorage.

Weather Considerations: Weather can impact travel plans, necessitating patience during adverse conditions.

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Pre-Trip Preparation


  • Seven days of hunting *Extra days can be purchased.
  • Pre-Post Hunt Logistical Assistance
  • Boat shuttle to/from the area you will be hunting.
  • Up to three black bears (Appropriate tags required)
  • Wolf and wolverine for NO additional trophy fees (September only)
  • Call in for an early take out if you tag out early.

Optional transportation Add ON

There is an option to add all transportation from the airport in Anchorage to Base Camp and return to Anchorage. It also includes a stop at Cabela’s before your hunt to pick up incidentals.

This service will range from $600 to $1,200, depending on group size.


  • Transportation from and to your home and Anchorage, AK.
  • Hunting License and Tags
  • Guiding
  • Trophy preparation
  • Taxidermy
  • Shipping
  • Personal and hunting gear. See the suggested gear list below.
  • Food
  • Trip Insurance is highly recommended for any Alaska hunt. Get a free quote here.
  • While a tip is not required, it is very much appreciated, and staff often depend on them a supplemental income.
Rent Outdoor Gear

Rent Outdoor Gear is an option to consider for gear rental.


Unassisted Setup and Teardown: Hunters are responsible for the establishment and dismantling of their camps, ensuring a low environmental impact in the heart of bear country. It is required to leave your camp in the same condition as when you arrived.

Hip Boots: Camps will vary. Waterproof hunting boots and comfortable hip boots are mandatory.

Communication Devices: Hunters MUST bring and manage their inReach devices.

Trophy Care: Hunters are responsible for all field prep and trophy must be packed out and prepared for pickup at the original drop area.

Field Regulations: It is mandatory to adhere to Fish and Game regulations! It is the hunter’s responsibility to be familiar with all Alaska Regulations.

Physical Demands: The Alaskan wilderness is physically demanding, emphasizing the importance of arriving in good physical condition.

Logistics: Expect pre and post-hunt logistical communications from your transporter, covering travel, tags/licenses, recommended gear, trophy care and shipping.

Get ready for the Alaskan adventure of a lifetime!

For those hunters who relish the prospect of a physically demanding challenge, the region boasts an abundance of exceptional black bears and some incredible fishing.

What You’ll Need to Bring

This gear list has been compiled from years of hunting all over Alaska as well as these specific hunting trips. It is designed to be tailored to your specific brand preferences to ensure that you don’t forget a critical item or bring too much unnecessary gear (space and weight is limited on fly in drop camp style hunts).

Alaska is one of the most beautiful, yet unforgiving places in North America due to it’s volatile weather. Temps in September can range anywhere from 50-60 degrees F as the highs and potentially single digits-teens during the cold fronts that come and go. While the norm is 30-50 in the early season and 20-40 in the late season, hunters MUST be prepared to hunt in the conditions presented. Expect wet and windy conditions at some point regardless.

Many hunting areas in Alaska are “Wet” by Alaskan standards and hunters must have the proper equipment to hunt in the terrain Moose live in to be safe and successful. The most critical items on your Alaska Gear list should be Waders, Boots, Freighter Pack, and Raingear. All else is secondary.

*Be sure to also bring all packaging supplies for trophy care.


☐ Base Layer, top/bottom synthetic or merino (2 pair) Midlayer, top fleece(1 pair)
☐ Underwear, synthetic or merino (2-3 pair) Pant, synthetic (2 pair)
☐ Puffy top, synthetic or down (1 pair) Puffy bottom, synthetic or down (1 pair)
☐ Raingear, top/bottom (heavy duty)
☐ Ballcap
☐ Beanie
☐ Gloves (3 pair, light/medium/insulated/waterproof/work glove variations)
☐ Neck gaiter/balaclava
☐ Lightweight bug net


☐ Boots (8-10” all leather waterproof type of boot recommended) Socks (5 pair of hiking socks & 1 pair Sealskinz)
☐ Waders & Wading boots (lightweight stockingfoot style w/ a lace up boot, waste or chest height recommended)
☐ Gaters (tall calf height)


☐ Sleeping bag (0 degree synthetic recommended) Air Pad
☐ Pillow
☐ Fleece beanie
☐ Lightweight cot


☐ Backpack Tent


☐ Pack
☐ Accessories (weapon sling, holster, pockets, lids)


☐ Bino/Harness
☐ Rangefinder
☐ Spotter/Tripod (optional)


☐ Rifle/Bow w/optics/sight
☐ Bipod
☐ Sling
☐ Hard Case (for travel)
☐ Ammo/arrows
☐ Sidearm (optional on rifle hunts)


☐ Smart Phone & Case
☐ Camera
☐ Inreach (mandatory for communication with transporter)
☐ Headlamp(s)
☐ External Charger(s)
☐ Extra Batteries
☐ Charging Cords


☐ Game Bags Knife/blades/sharpener Gloves
☐ 550 Cord
☐ Contractor Bag(s)


☐ Food for duration, meal prep/dehydrated & snacks Water Storage
☐ Water Purification Utensils, plates
☐ Stove & fuel (check with your transporter on fuel, you cannot travel commercially to Alaska with fuel in checked luggage)


☐ Paperwork, Lic/tags/permits Cash/Credit Card/Checkbook Book to read on weather days! Toiletries
☐ Luggage/Hard Case (commercial travel)
☐ Extra Dry Bags
☐ Extra Contractor Bags
☐ Extra Gloves (game cleaning)
☐ Weapon Maintenance Kit


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Booking Information

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