Embarking on a do-it-yourself (DIY) moose hunt is an adventure tailored for the rugged and physically adept individual.

This undertaking is not suited for everyone, as it demands a level of physical prowess to navigate the challenging terrain. Prospective hunters are strongly advised to be in optimal physical condition upon their arrival to fully appreciate and endure the demands of the expedition. The allure of these DIY moose hunts lies in the opportunity to engage in an experience that requires resilience and stamina.

For those hunters who relish the prospect of a physically demanding challenge, the region boasts an abundance of exceptional bulls waiting to be discovered. The rugged landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for a true wilderness experience, where only the most determined and physically prepared individuals can thrive. The appeal of this endeavor lies not only in the pursuit of the majestic moose but also in the personal satisfaction derived from conquering the formidable natural obstacles. In essence, an unguided moose hunt in Alaska caters to the adventurous spirit, offering a unique opportunity for those who seek a hands-on, physically demanding encounter with the awe-inspiring world of moose hunting.

  • This fly-in DIY hunt is ten full days of unguided moose hunting in Alaska Unit 14B.
  • This unit has high densities of moose and tags are are available over-the-counter.
  • Three Brow Tine, or 50-inch antler restriction.
  • Trophy quality is amazing with 55 to 65 inch bulls taken regularly.
  • Hunting Season is August 25 – September 25.
  • Success rates are 60% and opportunity rate is 90 to 100%. (Success is slightly higher on the fully guided hunts.)
  • Hunters can take wolves, wolverines and up to three black bears. So get your tags if you want an opportunity at these trophies.
  • Fishing is also included.
  • You CANNOT fly and hunt on the same day.
  • Moderate to Difficult hunts. Expect thick spruce with tundra and bogs. It can be hot, it can be cold and there will be bugs. Walking on tundra is difficult.
  • Each camp must have a minimum of two hunters.
  • Any legal weapon is permitted.

*There is an option to add a brown bear on the fully guided hunts.

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Picking up a moose on the lake with a float plane.



Schedule your flight to arrive early on the day of your field departure, or the night before. Late arrivals may not allow sufficient time for transportation to the camp.

Airport Pickup: This is not included in the price of your hunt, however if you hire our preferred charter service, they will meet you in Anchorage to transport you to the Palmer airport.

Charter from Palmer to Base Camp: Be prepared for potential flight delays, weather can always be an issue in Alaska. Your charter pilot will prioritize safety and will not fly in risky conditions.

Bush Flight to Hunting Camp: You will fly to and from camp via a float plane or a plane with tundra tires.

Departure Planning: Plan your departure from Anchorage for the day after your scheduled field extraction.

Pre-Post Hunt Lodging: Hunters are responsible for any pre and post-lodging arrangements in Palmer or Anchorage.

Weather Considerations: Weather can impact travel plans, necessitating patience during adverse conditions.

Request a Trip Insurance quote


Meat/Cape Boxes: If transporting meat home, Cabelas and other stores offer purchase options for meat/cape boxes. These boxes, checked as luggage, should not exceed 50 pounds each.

*Airlines may impose excess baggage fees for additional checked pieces.

Air Cargo Arrangements: An alternative for meat involves having the transporter coordinate air cargo to an Anchorage processor and or local taxidermy for skull/antlers and cape.

*This option is more convenient but comes with additional costs.

Necessary Supplies for Trophy Prep: A roll of bubble wrap, packaging shrink wrap, duct tape and packaging tape. Scraps of cardboard work great to wrap your skull securely.

Meat Donation Option: We highly encourage meat donations. A transfer of possession form, available from the outfitter, must be completed.

*Partially butchered quarters of meat are not accepted for donation.

**The outfitter does not provide any butchering, boning or boxing services.

Get ready for the Alaskan adventure of a lifetime

For those hunters who relish the prospect of a physically demanding challenge, the region boasts an abundance of exceptional bulls waiting to be discovered.

Pre-Trip Preparation


  • Pre-Post Hunt Logistical Assistance
  • If you choose the “Outfitted Camp” the hunt will include all camp equipment but no food.
  • One Bull Moose
  • Black bear, Wolf and Wolverine can be taken with required tags.
  • Early Pick-up after tagging out is an option, schedule permitting.
  • Hunters are responsible for getting their meat and trophies back to the landing zone. From there, your pilot will fly your game back to Base Camp.

Optional transportation Add ON

There is an option to add all transportation from the airport in Anchorage to Base Camp and return to Anchorage. This service will range from $600 to $1,200, depending on group size. It also includes a stop at Cabela’s before your hunt to pick up incidentals.

IF Outfitter Provides Camp

The following camping equipment will also be provided per every Two Hunters:

  • 1 four or six man tent for every TWO hunters. This gives you plenty of room for sleeping pads, cots, bags and personal gear.
  • 1 Stove with one pound propane bottles
  • 2 Cots *But we highly suggest that you bring your own sleeping pad, just in case you are overweight.
  • 2 Rolls of toilet paper
  • 1 Tarp
  • Matches and lighter/fire starters
  • 1 Cook set, including a coffee pot, kitchen pots, pans, utensils, two sets of silverware, plates, bowls and cups, and a water container.
  • Garbage and Ziploc bags
  • 1 Lantern with mantels
  • 1 Roll paper towels
  • Dish soap
  • Twine or Paracord
  • Shovel
  • Basic First Aid Kit

*If you don’t purchase the Camp Rental Package, you will be responsible for your own camp.


  • Transportation from and to your home and Anchorage, AK.
  • Client is responsible for paying the charter to get antlers and meat back to Palmer and then home.
  • Hunting License and Tags
  • Guiding
  • Meat/trophy preparation
  • Taxidermy
  • Meat Processing
  • Shipping
  • Personal and hunting gear. See the suggested gear list below.
  • Trip Insurance is highly recommended for any Alaska hunt. Get a free quote here.
  • While a tip is not required, it is very much appreciated, and staff often depend on them a supplemental income.


Hunters will be weighed prior to flying into the field!

CAMP RENTAL: Camp gear is limited to 60 pounds per person – to include personal gear, weapon, 0 degree rated bag/pad, pack frame, field dressing equipment and game bags.

TRANSPORT ONLY: Weight limits are 120 pounds of gear per person including your weapon.

Rent Outdoor Gear

Rent Outdoor Gear is another option to consider for gear rental.


Unassisted Setup and Teardown: Hunters are responsible for the establishment and dismantling of their camps, ensuring a low environmental impact in the heart of moose country. It is required to leave your camp in the same condition as when you arrived.

Hip Boots: Camps will vary. Waterproof hunting boots and comfortable hip boots are mandatory. 

Communication Devices: Hunters MUST bring and manage their inReach devices.

Trophy and Meat Care: Hunters are responsible for all field prep and packing of their meat and trophy. Meat and antlers must be packed out and prepared for pickup at the original drop area.

Field Regulations: It is mandatory to adhere to Fish and Game regulations! All meat is removed from the field, leaving bone in quarters. Antlers cannot be packed to camp until all salvageable meat has been packed out first (as per state law). It is the hunter’s responsibility to be familiar with all Alaska Regulations.

Game Bags: High-quality game bags are recommended.

Meat and Antler Pickup: The pilot will transport meat, antlers and capes back to Base Camp once notified via inReach, and if the schedule permits, to include required Transfer of Possession paperwork.

Early Extraction: Early extractions are common due to high success rates, but hunters must be mentally prepared for potential delays due to schedule and/or weather.

Physical Demands: The Alaskan wilderness is physically demanding, emphasizing the importance of arriving in good physical condition.

Logistics: Expect pre and post-hunt logistical communications from your transporter, covering travel, tags/licenses, recommended gear, and meat/trophy care and shipping.

My moose hunting experience was absolutely incredible.

“From the moment we set foot in the area, it was evident that we were in for an unforgettable adventure. Overall, I can’t recommend this moose hunt enough. It exceeded all my expectations and provided me with memories that I will cherish for years to come. If you’re looking for an incredible hunting experience in a breathtaking setting, look no further.”


What You’ll Need to Bring

This gear list has been compiled from years of hunting all over Alaska as well as these specific hunting trips. It is designed to be tailored to your specific brand preferences to ensure that you don’t forget a critical item or bring too much unnecessary gear (space and weight is limited on fly in drop camp style hunts).

This hunt is on a 10 day schedule, that’s because moose are slow, methodical animals that require time and patience to hunt. This longer hunt schedule allows for pack-out days and weather delays.

Alaska is one of the most beautiful, yet unforgiving places in North America due to it’s volatile weather. Temps in September can range anywhere from 50-60 degrees F as the highs and potentially single digits-teens during the cold fronts that come and go. While the norm is 30-50 in the early season and 20-40 in the late season, hunters MUST be prepared to hunt in the conditions presented. Expect wet and windy conditions at some point regardless.

Most areas for Moose in Alaska are “Wet” by Alaskan standards and hunters must have the proper equipment to hunt in the terrain Moose live in to be safe and successful. The most critical items on your Moose Gear list should be Waders, Boots, Freighter Pack, and Raingear. All else is secondary.

*Be sure to also bring all packaging supplies for meat and trophy care.


☐ Base Layer, top/bottom synthetic or merino (2 pair) Midlayer, top fleece(1 pair)
☐ Underwear, synthetic or merino (2-3 pair) Pant, synthetic (2 pair)
☐ Puffy top, synthetic or down (1 pair) Puffy bottom, synthetic or down (1 pair)
☐ Raingear, top/bottom (heavy duty)
☐ Ballcap
☐ Beanie
☐ Gloves (3 pair, light/medium/insulated/waterproof/work glove variations)
☐ Neck gaiter/balaclava
☐ Lightweight bug net


☐ Boots (8-10” all leather waterproof type of boot recommended) Socks (5 pair of hiking socks & 1 pair Sealskinz)
☐ Waders & Wading boots (lightweight stockingfoot style w/ a lace up boot, waste or chest height recommended)
☐ Gaters (tall calf height)


☐ Sleeping bag (0 degree synthetic recommended) Air Pad
☐ Pillow
☐ Fleece beanie
☐ Lightweight cot


☐ Tent (4 season Basecamp style tent recommended, 4-6 person capacity for a 2 person hunt to allow room to stand and dry gear)


☐ Pack
☐ Accessories (weapon sling, holster, pockets, lids)


☐ Bino/Harness
☐ Rangefinder
☐ Spotter (optional on Moose hunts in our opinion)
☐ Tripod
☐ Adapter Plates


☐ Rifle/Bow w/optics/sight
☐ Bipod
☐ Sling
☐ Softcase (for bushflight, no hard cases on bush planes)
☐ Ammo/arrows
☐ Sidearm (optional on rifle hunts)


☐ Smart Phone & Case
☐ Camera
☐ Inreach (mandatory for communication with transporter)
☐ Headlamp(s)
☐ External Charger(s)
☐ Extra Batteries
☐ Charging Cords


☐ Game Bags Knife/blades/sharpener Gloves
☐ 550 Cord
☐ Contractor Bag(s)
☐ Bone Saw


☐ Food for duration, meal prep/dehydrated & snacks Water Storage
☐ Water Purification Utensils, plates
☐ Stove & fuel (check with your transporter on fuel, you cannot travel commercially to Alaska with fuel in checked luggage)


☐ Paperwork, Lic/tags/permits Cash/Credit Card/Checkbook Book to read on weather days! Toiletries
☐ Luggage/Hard Case (commercial travel)
☐ Coolers
☐ Totes or Fish boxes for transporting meat home on commercial travel
☐ Extra Dry Bags
☐ Extra Contractor Bags
☐ Extra Gloves (game cleaning)
☐ Weapon Maintenance Kit
☐ Propane heater (great on longer 10 day basecamp style hunts in wet areas!)


Field Photos from this Outfitter

Our family’s moose hunting trip was an absolute success! With my two sons by my side, we embarked on an adventure filled with excitement, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments. Over the course of 10 days, my sons and I managed to bag two magnificent moose, a feat that filled us with pride and a sense of accomplishment.

The memories of those successful hunts will forever hold a special place in our hearts. But beyond the trophies, what truly made this trip memorable was the quality time spent together as a family. We laughed, bonded, and created lasting memories that we’ll cherish for a lifetime. In summary, our moose hunting trip was everything we could have hoped for and more. It provided us with ample opportunities for adventure, bonding, and making memories that will last a lifetime. We can’t wait to do it again!


My experience with the DIY moose hunt was nothing short of exceptional. From start to finish, the service provided was top-notch. The team was incredibly helpful and accommodating, ensuring that every aspect of the hunt was well-planned and executed flawlessly. Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted by the host, who immediately made me feel welcomed and comfortable.

It was an unforgettable journey filled with great memories, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. Huge thanks to the entire team for making it such a fantastic experience


Booking Information

Interested in booking this trip? If you have not yet received pricing please request it here, and be sure to reference the trip number at the top of this page. Please note that reservations are not considered finalized until agreed upon deposit is received. This ensures agreed upon dates and current pricing. Quality outfitters are in high demand so let us know right away, as some trips do book years in advance.

When you’re ready to book, if you haven’t already ask your Outdoors International Consultant for updated pricing.

If it looks good, your consultant will write up a booking agreement for you. Remember, our service is free to you. There are no added costs.