Arizona Wild Quail Hunt #OI-OPGSN1

Quail hunting in Arizona


Arizona Quail Hunt

Let us know which species you want to target before your hunt, but we will assume that you want to spend some time hunting Mearns’ Quail.

These wild Means’ quail hunts take place October through February. Each year, prior to hunting season, all of the hunting locations are pre-scouted. This determines quail populations, and where the birds are hanging. Hunting may take place across the entire state of Arizona depending on populations of wild birds and the particular species that you want to hunt. In most cases it is necessary to concentrate on a single species each day.

Quail hunting behind a good pointer is a pleasure, and this outfitter runs some great dogs.

You will enjoy their well-trained Brittany’s, pointers, and English setters. This Arizona upland bird hunting outfitter not only has a kennel full of fine pointing dogs, and he also has access to some amazing private property to hunt for Mearns quail, Gamble’s and Scaled quail.

You’ll be hunting pre-scouted, wild quail on private property.

All guides will have at least four dogs each. It is fun to watch the dogs range wide in the open expanse of Scaled quail territory, and then come in closer when hunting the sparser cover that the tight-holding Mearns’ quail live in.

  • This Arizona upland bird hunting outfitter has a kennel full of fine pointing dogs.
  • Access to some amazing private property to hunt for Mearns’ quail, Gambel’s quail and Scaled quail.
  • Walking over your three days in pursuit of wild birds will be extensive, but it is normally on gently rolling hills with a few steep areas, and for the most part is not difficult.
  • All guiding for this hunt is conducted on a 2×1 basis. In most cases guides will not take more than two hunters. Each day you will have the privilege to hunt with another guide and their dogs. Each guide will have his own dogs.

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Arizona Mearns Quail Hunt

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  • Meals (Soft drinks, coffee, water, sandwiches)
  • In the field airport travel and hunting transfers
  • 2×1 guiding with dogs and necessary equipment
  • Game packing

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