Chile-Patagonia Fly Fishing Trip #OI-MW1

Magic Waters Patagonia Chile Fly Fishing Lodge


Chile-Patagonia Fly Fishing Lodge

A premier fly fishing lodge high in the mountain valleys of the Aysén region in Southern Chile-Patagonia.

The small city of Coyhaique is the mecca of dry fly fishing in Chilean Patagonia. It is often compared to the American West 100 years ago with less people and with non-educated and larger than averaged trout. Surrounded by mountains and glaciers, it has more fishable waters that you can imagine. The landscape of the Aysén region is incredibly diverse; you can travel from the dry, arid pampas (Patagonian Steppe) to the temperate rainforest (Paloma River) in just over an hour. One day you can fish a meandering “Montana type spring creek” while spending the next day in a gin clear river system of “Pacific Northwest style” in a temperate rainforest.

The main watersheds are the Simpson and Paloma Rivers, both famous for the finest dry fly fishing in Chile.

Wild brown and rainbow trout are the main species targeted in these rivers, as well as a short, but decent run of King and Coho salmon during the summer months. The salmon are not easily caught on fly, but the runs are significant enough to give the occasional “shot” at one or two on a trip if they are in the river system.

Your outfitter and his guides will do whatever they can to help fulfill your fishing expectations.

Magic Waters has private access to rarely fished spring creeks if you enjoy wade fishing. The lodge is also within an hour drive of some temperate rainforest waters where you can sight fish for rising fish or target the aggressive fish with streamers. Anglers can also float the freestones and navigate the rapids of the Simpson casting to fish with dries or streamers. This region of Chile also has some of the best dry fly, lake fishing in the world for wild browns. The lodge has a couple small “lagunas” that you can fish after dinner to catch the evening hatch.

If it’s possible I don’t want to see any other fisherman when I am out and that is the name of the game here! Patrick Kissel

When to fish Chile-Patagonia:

Fishing season in Coyhaique starts in early October, ending the first week of May.

Early season can provide anglers the opportunity to fish for big migratory, lake run rainbows. This is very good time to swing big streamers and look for big aggressive trophy fish looking for some action after winter. The dry fly fishing and hatches historically start during early November. With longer and warmer days, the hatches become more intense and the fish start to look up. Between the hundreds of species of beetles, dragonflies, grasshoppers, caddis, mayflies and stoneflies, the dry fly fishing is pretty steady until April. In the Patagonian fall, the weather gets cooler, days are shorter, but the migratory brown trout start to move. There is always a chance to get hooked into one these fish if the weather and water levels cooperate.

October to November

  • Early Chilean spring flyfishing finds many rivers prime for fishing
  • Snow runoff has not begun; glacially fed rivers are in good shape; and spring creeks are at their best. The trout haven’t seen an imitation in months. This is a great time to fish for large rainbows. The most effective techniques are streamers fished on sink-tip lines, but nymph fishing can also be productive. The take can be quite aggressive, producing some of the biggest fish of the year.
  • Spring in Patagonia and prime time for streamer fishing the Rio Blanco. If you love throwing streamers this is the time to go experience Patagonia! The fish haven’t seen a fly in months and are aggressive as the temperatures begin to rise before summer. This river is perfect for throwing streamers and has endless holding water for large trout due to the many downed trees and structure along the banks. The spring creeks fish well this time of year and can offer some surface action on terrestrials or mouse patterns. Spring rains can cause the river to rise but still offers excellent fishing on the spring creeks and creek mouths even if the river were to blow out.

December to January

  • Days become longer and temperatures warmer
  • Insects are on the move, and the ‘winged versions’ begin to play a bigger part in the trout’s diet.
  • The first sight of fish rising to caddis flies happens during these months. Nymphing and dry fly fishing become more consistent, but don’t put away the streamers. All of the many fly fishing opportunities, including lakes, rivers and spring creeks, begin to produce at this time.

February to March

  • This is the premier dry fly fishing time – mid-summer in Chile
  • Predominant are mayflies in the morning and early afternoon and caddis late afternoon and evenings. Hoppers are also prevalent on many of our rivers and spring creeks. Lakes also produce more consistent hatches.

April to May

  • With a hint of autumn in the air, April brings shorter days and cooler nights
  • Summer is almost behind us and we begin to enter autumn. This is the time to view the spectacular Patagonia autumn colors and chase big browns. Lower water levels allow fishing in locations, otherwise not fished. Well placed flies annually produce trophy brown trout.
  • The nights start to become cooler bringing the river down to a great flow for fishing. Dry flies such as big mayflies, caddis, and large terrestrial patterns work well during this time! The opportunity at multiple trophy browns over 20” on a dry fly is very likely during these months. The browns also start to become more aggressive and bring on their fall colors as they near the fall spawn. Streamers also work well to entice some large fish during March and April.

Magic Waters Lodge

The Fishing from the Lodge is Spectacular

Take in the beautiful Patagonian panorama from this beautiful, modern fishing lodge.

The fishing lodge is perfectly nestled in the mountain valleys of the Aysén region in Southern Chile.  It’s close proximity to the coastal rainforests and Eastern Patagonian Steppe provide each  angler with a multitude of opportunity to experience the region’s best fishing while enjoying some of the world’s most impressive, natural scenery. Whether you like to wade spring creeks, float on freestone rivers, or cast large dries at cruising fish in a turquoise blue lake, this is a place you will fall in love with.   The Hosts Consuelo and Eduardo Barrueto, both grew up in the area and enjoys opening their home, family and passion for the good living with all their guest.

  • The Lodge has space for 12 anglers staying in double occupancy rooms, 2 big and comfortable living rooms with a spectacular view of the lakes and a nice family dinner table that seats 16 people.
  • The food is organic, gourmet Chilean style, and almost all the ingredients come from the surrounding area. Prime fresh beef, lamb, seafood, fish and vegetables are just some of the items.
  • Chile is famous for the fantastic red wines, and they have an incredible selection of some of the best that Chile has to offer.

This beautiful fishing lodge is open throughout the season providing anglers the opportunity to test all aspects of fishing Chilean Patagonia.

With limited space available, we recommend booking early for specific dates. Please contact us with your special requests.

  • Each morning you will enjoy a hearty breakfast served at 8am.
  • Before heading out on the water for the day you will discuss with your guide where you will be fishing.
  • You will fish for roughly 8 hours and take a break to enjoy lunch served on the riverbank.
  • You will return to camp at about 6pm for appetizers and before dinner refreshments.
  • Dinner is usually served at 9pm giving you enough time to enjoy a hot shower and clean up before having a sumptuous meal.

Rio Blanco Base Camp

A remote luxury camp on the banks of the Rio Blanco River.

This camp offers unspoiled wilderness and miles of untamed trout infested river all to your group of anglers! This is the only outfitter who has access to the 40 plus mile section of the Rio Blanco and its spring creeks. This trip offers you the chance to disconnect from the outside world and be immersed in the beauty of Patagonia with great friends and guides. You will enjoy the adventure this trip offers. Getting to the camp is an adventure all in itself!

  • The Rio Blanco is not fished during the main summer months, as this river is largely glacial fed and turns white with glacial silt from run off. The warm air melts the glacier causing high water and a poor water clarity.
  • This section of the Rio Blanco is very under fished and few have had the luxury of experiencing the incredible fishing.
  • The river offers endless holding water for large trout.
  • The Rio Blanco is primarily a brown trout fishery with fish averaging 18”-22” but also harbors some good-sized rainbow trout.
  • This river is inaccessible to most due to the dangerous rapids above and below the Base Camp. Our outfitter has exclusive access to this fishery.

Even with this area being so hard to access, the camp was amazing.

Guests at Rio Blanco stay in double occupancy elevated weather port style tents outfitted with a door and covered porch area for hanging waders and gear.

  • There is a bathhouse with flush toilets and hot running water so guests are able to shower after a day on the water.
  • Electricity is offered via generator and each tent has a space heater should you need it.
  • This remote camp has the ability to house up to 6 guests for this 4 night 3 day fishing adventure.
  • This is a highly sought after trip so booking your dates far in advance will be ideal.

All meals excluding lunch are served in the main tent, which is outfitted with a small kitchen and dining area.

  • The camp has a chef on hand that prepares breakfasts, lunches, appetizers and dinners.
  • Local wine is served with each dinner and refreshments are sent along with the day’s lunch.
  • You will be impressed at how well local dishes are prepared and served while in this remote setting. The local dishes are quite filling after a day of chasing trout.

Wine for dinner at this luxury fish camp

Getting to the camp

You will be picked up at the Balmaceda airport the morning of your trip by one of the guides and driven to the trailhead where you will ride the horses in. The drive across the Patagonian countryside is about 2 hours and 15 minutes to the trailhead where you will meet with the gaucho Jorge. Jorge grew up in the valley and lives at the end of the trail where the boats are waiting for you. Jorge and your guide will help load you and your gear on the horses for the trail ride in. The ride in is about 1 hour over a primitive rough trail. The horses are well trained and will get you to the boats safely all you need to do is hang on!

The 20’ NRS catamaran boats are equipped with jet motors and will take you another hour up river to the Base Camp. Once here you will be assigned your tent and can get settled in while enjoying a snack prepared for you. You are welcome to fish the spring creek behind camp for a couple hours before dinner if you would like.

Leaving the camp

On the morning of your departure you will enjoy an early breakfast and then take the jet boats back down river to the horses. You will ride out the way you came in and back to the trailhead. From here you will be driven to the airport to catch your afternoon flight.


Travel Information

  • Arrival at the Balmaceda (BBA) or Coyhaique airport on Saturday afternoon and depart Saturday morning.
  • The outfitter will pick you up at the airport in Balmaceda (BBA), and there will be a one hour +/- drive to the lodge.

Suggested Gear List

Coming soon…

Paloma Canyon is a very special trip and there are only a few times per year that it can be floated. I feel quite lucky to have been able to float and fish through this incredible canyon.

Booking Information

If you’re looking for some great fishing without having to deal with a huge resort atmosphere, this place is for you!

Interested in booking this trip? If you have not yet received pricing please request it here, and be sure to reference the trip number at the top of this page. Please note that reservations are not considered finalized until agreed upon deposit is received. This ensures agreed upon dates and current pricing. Quality outfitters are in high demand so let us know right away, as some trips do book years in advance.


  • Transportation to and from the airport (Balmaceda – BBA)
  • All meals, accommodations, and beverages, including alcohol (domestic beer, selected Chilean house wines, Pisco Sours, and soda)
  • Guided fishing (two anglers per guide)

Not Included

  • Trip Insurance
  • International and domestic airfare
  • Chilean Fishing License ($50 US per person, paid in cash on site)
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Tips to guide and staff

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When you’re ready to book, if you haven’t already ask your Outdoors International Consultant for updated pricing. If it looks good, your consultant will write up a booking agreement for you.