Texas Aoudad Hunt #OI-K9CO1

Aoudad hunting

Hunt #OI-K9CO1

Texas Aoudad Hunt

A Texas aoudad hunt is special. They offer a chance for the average hunter to go on a true mountain sheep hunt at a fraction of the cost. Patience is a virtue, as long periods of glassing is required to spot sheep that blend in amazingly well with their surroundings. Guides will spend as much time as necessary locating a mature ram. Once a good ram is spotted, it requires a successful, well planned stalk to get within shooting range. Texas aoudad hunts are one of the most challenging hunts out there.

  • Aoudad tags are over-the-counter in Texas.
  • Best value in the sheep hunting world.
  • Hunting season is year-round, but it’s best to hunt sometime between December and March.
  • Our hunters have high success rates on trophy rams.
  • Aoudad hunts in West Texas are almost all free range, fair chase.

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Three hunters on an successful aoudad hunt

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  • Over the Counter. NO DRAW REQUIRED!
  • Professional Grade Kitchen for “Home Cooked” Meals.

Not Included:

A free range aoudad hunt is a true mountain sheep hunt

While archery hunting is possible, and an experienced bowhunter can get within bow range, bowhunting for aoudad is tough.

You will be faced with situation to either shoot long distance, or a long stalk to shorten the distance. The problem with the second option is if you lose sight of your ram while trying to get closer, he may have naturally moved off as they move often. A rugged, rocky-outcropping perfectly conceals the aoudad rams, while the mountainous desert landscape and fluctuating wind and temperature variations provide the hunter with little assistance in their pursuit.

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