Hunting in Turkey #OI-GHA1

Hunt #OI-GHA1

Big Game Hunting in Turkey

This outfitter has decades of experience of Bezoar Ibex hunting in Turkey!

Your trophy quality expectations and type of hunt you want to do, any other species you want to hunt, and tourism activities will determine where you will be hunting. Your hunting trip in Turkey is customized, pre-scouted, and built around your hunting expectations, and any tourist activities you may want to do. The outfitter operates in three main ibex hunting areas: The Eastern Taurus; Western Taurus; and North Eastern hunting areas. They also offer hunts in Turkey for wild boar, Anatolian chamois, red deer, roe deer, Konya sheep, mountain gazelle, hybrid Bezoar ibex.

Resources for Hunting in Turkey with this outfitter:

Bezoar Ibex Hunts

Bezoar ibex, found only in Turkey, are probably the prettiest of the ibex, but also the most expensive to hunt.

Despite that, the bezoar ibex is possibly the most popular because of the size of its horns; they possess the world’s longest horns in relation to body weight. They are found in the mountains of Asia Minor and across the Middle East. Due to its high-altitude habitats and a tendency to thrive in rocky, inaccessible areas, is hunted with a spot-and-stalk method.You’ll be mountain hunting at around 5000-8000 feet. Rut is Mid November to December but early spring is also a good hunt. Wild boar are a great combo for your Bezoar ibex hunt, all other animals are in different regions and are not a good combo.

Choose the “Standard Hunt” or the “VIP Hunting Package”.

Standard Ibex Hunting Package

  • Includes one ibex up to 39″
  • 150 euro per cm but 39-40 cm is average. 115-130 cm (45-49”)
  • August through March.

VIP Ibex Hunting Package

  • Includes one ibex 115-130 cm (45-51″).
  • Trophy refund if no animal is found. No refund if wounded or lost animals under 300 meter shot.
  • Hunting season is August through March.

Wild Boar Hunts

Turkey has high populations of wild boars. The locals do not hunt them, so the boars get old and grow long, thick tusks. So if you are looking for a special hog hunt in a place with lots of trophy pigs, Turkey is the perfect place. Our hunters have taken several big tuskers between 22 – 31 cm, and weighing from 200 up to and sometimes over 375 kg.

  • You can choose to hunt from the high seat, spot-and-stalk, or they will organize a driven hunt.
  • Our wild boar hunts take place in the Middle Anatolian and Middle Black Sea Regions.
  • Altitude is between 1000 – 1400 meters.
  • The terrain in this area is covered with wheat fields, corn fields, beet fields and chickpea fields which wild boars love!
  • Accommodations: In the Anatolian Region you will be in a 4 star luxury hotel with swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath. In the Middle Black Sea Region you’ll stay in local hotels.
  • The hunting area is around 200 to 300 km from Antalya and Konya airports and it takes 3 to 5 hours by car depending on where you are hunting.

Red Deer Hunts

The Anatolian red deer has been protected since 1937. In 2004 the Turkish Ministry of Wildlife opened some limited areas for hunting. Because of the strict protection, the chance to get a new world record trophy is very high.

  • Hunt the areas of Black Sea Region, Marmara Region, Middle Anatolia and the Taurus Mountains.
  • The animals are living in mixed forests on an altitude between 800 1600 meters.
  • Many trophy stags measuring more than 15kg are confirmed.
  • Hunt red deer the traditional way of high seat and stalking.
  • We suggest five days to be successful on this hunt.

Konya Sheep Hunts

A population of 2,500 Konya sheep lives only in the middle Anatolian region of Konya, Turkey. Hunting is extremely limited and only seven rams have been taken by modern hunters.

  • Elevations are between 1100 and 1500 meters above sea level.
  • The hunting area is 20 minutes far away from this outfitters main office, and most of their staff was born and grown up in Konya.

Roe Deer Hunts

  • The Anatolian roe deer is live in the mixed forest areas of the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Marmara regions of Turkey.
  • High seat & stalking is the roe deer hunting method in turkey since 2004, when seasons were opened.
  • The most successful time to hunt is during the rut in August.
  • You can expect trophy roe bucks up to 450 grams net weight.

Chamois Hunts

  • Anatolian Chamois’ s weight and horns are bigger than the other chamois species.
  • They live in the high altitudes of Northern and Eastern Turkey in the Kackar Mountains of the Black Sea Region.
  • The altitude of this area is between 2000 – 3000 meters.
  • The best time to hunt chamois is between August 1st through mid November.
  • In Fall season, hunt accommodation will be fly camps at altitude. In the winter, you will stay in hunting lodges.

Mountain Gazelle Hunts

Mountain gazelles live in step or half step climates in the hilly and soft mountainous areas which are near to the agricultural fields. They are active during daylight hours. Mountain gazelles can reach running speeds up to 80 kilometers per hour and can jump to a height of 2 to 4 meters. Hunting was closed since many years, and was re-opened in 2012.

Hybrid Bezoar Ibex

Hybrid Bezoar Ibex Hunts

This subspecies of ibex is the cross between a Bezoar ibex and a domestic, feral goat.

Hybrid Bezoar ibex are a recognized as subspecies by Safari Club International and Grand Slam Club. The hair of this subspecies is long, the points of its horns curve outwards and the length of the horns, curled like those of the wild sheep, is between 36 and 44 inches. In this hunting region you can make combination hunting trip for both species in the same hunt.

  • Trophy refund if no animal is found. No refund if wounded or lost animals under 300 meter shot.
  • Hunting season is August through March.

This outfitter offers an optional Istanbul Tourism package. You will stay in a 5 Star Hotel, have a private driver, translator and tour guide. Options include tours of Istanbul; Antalya; Cappadocia; and the Aegean Coasts.

Istanbul Tourism Add-on

This outfitter offers an optional Istanbul Tourism package that we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you add on to your hunt.

  • Options include tours of Istanbul; Antalya; Cappadocia; and the Aegean Coasts.
  • You will stay in a 5 Star Hotel
  • Have a private driver, translator and tour guide.


Lodging and Accommodations

Depending on your hunting dates, the area you are hunting, and weather conditions, accommodation will be a hunting lodge, hotels or possibly even fly camps.

Travel Information

Fly to Istanbul and then connect to small mountain village location; average 250—300 cost round trip puddle jumper.

Istanbul, turkey

Booking Information

Interested in booking this trip? If you have not yet received pricing please request it here, and be sure to reference the trip number at the top of this page. Please note that reservations are not considered finalized until agreed upon deposit is received. This ensures agreed upon dates and current pricing. Quality outfitters are in high demand so let us know right away, as some trips do book years in advance.


  • license and permit
  • guide
  • lodging and meals
  • taxes
  • airport pickup
  • English speaking translator
  • veterinarian certificate
  • transport on the hunt

Not Included:

  • Trip Insurance
  • Tips
  • Taxidermy
  • animals over 39” on the standard hunt, or 130 cm on the VIP hunt
  • International and domestic flights
  • cape skinning
  • trophy packing and shipping
  • observer fee
  • extra hunt days
  • beverages
  • hotels before or after hunt
  • additional animals (wild boar is 1250 euro up to 20 cm (8″) tusks)
  • CITES paperwork

Photos from this trip:

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