Greenland Muskox Hunt #OI-FFGO1

Gary Colbath's Boone and Crockett archery Greenland muskox

Hunt #OI-FFGO1

Greenland Muskox and Caribou Hunts

Our main muskox hunting camp in northern Greenland out of Kangerlussuaq is located 30 miles away from the nearest settlement, accessible only by helicopter. This way, we leave behind easily accessible areas with high muskox hunting pressure. The feeding conditions are excellent, and bulls are big.

This is a most unique and unusual escape from everyday life. Hunting in Greenland attract a group of like-minded people. People sharing experience on an isolated journey creates strong bonds and friendships.

This region has the highest density for muskox and Central Barren Ground Canada caribou in all of Greenland.

This remote hunting concession is untouched, and prior to our hunters, no modern hunter has ever taken a trophy bull in this area. Since 2012, our Greenland muskox hunting clients have enjoyed 100% success and recovery rate. The 30 miles helicopter transfer to our camp is what secures that 100% success rate for big mature trophies.

World Record caribou
“Besides filling both our Muskox and Caribou tags with world-class trophy’s, and a SCI new 502” world record, the scenery was spectacular and absolutely breathtaking. I was a completely satisfied customer. The hunt was well worth the 2-year wait.”

Russell Forbes. Ontario, Canada.

Specializing in spot-and-stalk bow hunting.

As a experienced and dedicated bow hunter, the outfitter has been involved in getting bow hunting for muskox and caribou legalized in Greenland.

  • Over the years, hunters have had a 100% success rate on trophy muskox and near that on caribou bulls.
  • Comfortable tent and cabin accommodations with quality local food. All in field transportation included.
  • This is an amazing archery hunt. Bow and Rifle are conducted separately. Rifle with silencers only, the outfitter provide a rifle at no charge.
  • Spring, summer and fall hunting seasons.
  • Licenses and tags included.
  • You’ll be hunting an exclusive guide-use concession. Arctic fox, Polar hare, and ptarmigan hunting is available after your trophies are harvested.
  • Trip Reports and Outfitter Reviews

Hunting Camp

Lodging and Accommodations

  • You’ll be hunting from comfortable tent or cabin accommodations.
  • Local quality whole foods and fresh meat and fish from harvested animals.
  • All guiding is 2×1 and overseen by a master outfitter/guide. As an authorized trophy hunting guide and outfitter, they offer authentic bow (and rifle) hunting and in Greenland’s most exquisite and unique hunting ground.
  • Using only the best equipment, the trips take place as smoothly and comfortably as possible, while retaining full respect for Mother Nature and the Inuit back bone hunting culture.

Typical Daily Schedule

Setting out from camp, we cruise the river through the lush valley in duck boats. This way we can cover a lot of country, searching for the largest bulls. From the river, we also hike up on the tops for caribou hunting, but they do also sometimes come down in the valley. After a successful hunt, you can enjoy the peaceful Arctic surroundings while hunting Arctic fox, Polar hare and ptarmigan. Or you can hunt an additional trophy bull on a trophy fee basis.

Travel Information

  • Logistics to Greenland through Denmark or Iceland.
  • Arrival city is Kangerlussuaq Greenland.
  • Charter helicopter flight into camp.
  • All transportation during your hunt is included.

Gear List for a Spring Muskox Hunt

*Please discuss with the outfitter prior to your hunt for more information.



  • We highly recommend using extreme cold weather boots rated at -100°C / -148°F in 1 to 2 sizes larger than your regular shoe size. Loose fitting is a must.
  • We have had excellent results with the Hothands foot warmers, especially when riding in the Qamutik (Inuit style sled).

Base Layer

  • Icebreaker or KUIU underwear 150 and 200 long sleeve tops and bottoms made of merino wool for your base layer.


  • Two (2) pair of liner gloves. We recommend Mountain Hardwear fleece Power Stretch or KUIU Peloton 130 gloves for use inside the mittens. (One is an extra set)
  • *Hunters should practice shooting with the liner gloves prior to arriving.


  • Extreme cold weather mittens. (Cabela’s offers a variety of quality Arctic rated mittens.)
  • The outfitter also includes mittens when renting the parka and bib-overalls.

Insulating Layers

  • KUIU Super Down PRO Jacket, Pant and Vest or similar product.
  • Note: If bow hunting, it is advisable to shed parka in order to shoot in the above mentioned layers. Hunters should practice with these layers prior to arriving in the Arctic.


  • We highly recommend renting the extreme cold weather down filled parka and bib-overalls from the outfitter.


  • A high quality wool sweater. Note: Cabela’s offers a windproof version.
  • A hunting shirt and pant ensemble. Note: A change of clothing while out hunting is not necessary.


  • Two (2) pair of Arctic rated balaclavas. (Klim Arctic balaclava or equivalent.)
  • Aviator hat with earflaps.

Hand and Neck Warmers


  • One (1) pair of ski goggles with nose guard. Note: The nose guard prevents goggles from fogging up.
  • One (1) pair of sunglasses.


  • Required: Down or synthetic filled sleeping bag rated -34°C / -30°F. (To insure a high comfort level of sleep and in an emergency situation could save your life.)
  • Our outfitter has developed an Arctic Sleeping Bag down filled made in Canada. Available for purchase $1,250.00 + 5% GST tax for rent $450.00 + 5% GST Tax.
  • Required: Large calibre rifle such as a .338 Win Mag or .375 H&H with two (2) boxes of ammunition.
    • Required: All rifles must be degreased prior to arriving in the Arctic.
    • Airline regulations require that a trigger lock be installed on your firearm. We recommend the Master Lock 94DSPT 3 Digit Combination Trigger Lock.
  • Bow hunters should have a minimum 60 lb draw weight and minimum 1-inch wide broadheads. If you wish to hunt with a lesser draw weight, we invite
    you to contact our outfitter’s bow-hunting expert beforehand.
  • Required: Soft padded gun or hard bow case for transporting your weapon during the hunt.
  • Note: The hard gun case used to travel with can be left behind at the Inuit community’s hotel while you are out on the hunt.
  • Optional: High quality 8 power binoculars.
  • Optional: Knife with a 4 or 5-inch blade.
  • Optional: Small fanny pack kept under the insulating layers to store camera batteries and keep them from draining.

Exploring unspoiled scenery in great Musk ox and Caribou country means leaving civilization. Our Musk ox hunting camp is located 30 miles away from the nearest settlement, and in order to reach this remote backcountry area.

Booking Information

Interested in booking this trip? If you have not yet received pricing please request it here, and be sure to reference the trip number at the top of this page. Please note that reservations are not considered finalized until agreed upon deposit is received. This ensures agreed upon dates and current pricing. Quality outfitters are in high demand so let us know right away, as some trips do book years in advance.

Other Items

  • A roll of heavy duty Duct Tape.
  • Books for reading during downtime, headlamp with extra batteries, lip balm, hot chocolate drink mix, candy and assorted chocolate, a small pack of wet wipes and energy bars, Emergen-C Drinks.
  • Personal toiletries.
  • Camera with extra batteries.

Greenland Muskox Hunts Include

  • Hunting License, Administration Fee, and Taxes.
  • Accommodation and meals at camp.
  • Weapon permit, Flight Plan, Luggage Support, Hotel Reservations, Equipment Planning, and Travel Backup.
  • Export Trophy Documents for Europe.
  • Product Liability Insurance.
  • On the combo hunts, a caribou tag is included.
  • Arctic fox, Polar hare, and ptarmigan licenses.

Not Included

  • Airfare Round Trip to Greenland
  • Hotel in Greenland one night (approx. $200)
  • Trophy Handling, Crating, Shipping, Import Taxes and Taxidermy
  • Muskox Trophy Fee (Paid upon harvest or wounding a bull)
  • Gratuity
  • All that was not described under included
  • Travel insurance

Photos from this Greenland hunting trip:

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