Texas Big Game Hunt #OI-COA2

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Hunt #OI-COA2

Texas Big Game Hunting

There are TONS of options when it comes to hunting in Texas with this outfitter!

It was difficult to build this page just because of all of the options offered by this outfitter. Most hunts are three full days of hunting from noon on Thursday through noon on Sunday unless that doesn’t work for your travel itinerary. Lodging will vary from two to five star lodging depending on your preferences and/or the ranch you will be hunting.

How do you want to hunt Texas?

  • Access to over 100,000 acres of private land.
  • Free Range Hunts.
  • High Fence Estate Hunts.
  • Trophy Hunts, Management Hunts and Cull Hunts.
  • Native Big Game, Hogs, Wild Turkey and Exotic Hunts.
  • Youth Hunts.
  • Trip Reports and Outfitter Reviews.

Lodging and Accommodations

Depending on what you’re hunting, where you’re hunting and what your preferences/budget are, lodging will range from 2 to 5 Stars.

  • Stay in a ranch house or cabins depending on the ranch you will be hunting.
  • Lodging will be comfortable with showers, A/C and home cooked meals.
  • Wake up have a continental breakfast.
  • Go out and hunt over corn placed on roads and openings in the Sendero/desert. Hunt till 10-11 am.
  • Come in to a brunch meal and hang around shooting the ________ and relaxing at the ranch and cabins till 3:30-4:00 pm.
  • Back out hunting at 400 till dark.

High Fence Whitetails

Whitetail Deer Hunts

When you’re Texas deer hunting, you never know what kind of game animal will come past your blind.

It might be a hog, maybe a big whitetail buck, or even some exotic you’ve never even heard of before. It can be frustrating if there is only one species that you can shoot, but this Texas trophy buck hunt isn’t like that. If you’re the type of hunter who just likes to hunt, this hunt is for you! Another great thing about this hunt is that it includes a hog and unlimited predators in the price of the hunt. Texas almost rivals Africa for it’s diversity of things to hunt, and no matter what your budget is, we can find a hunt that fits what you are looking for.

Free Range Trophy Buck Hunt

  • This trophy buck hunt includes one trophy of your choice from the following species: whitetail, axis, sika, fallow or aoudad.
  • One hog
  • Unlimited Predators (bobcats have a trophy fee)
  • Also, you can add other animals on a trophy fee basis, such as Texas free range ibex.

Management Deer Hunts

Management bucks are are four years or older, and are typically big eight point bucks that score less than 140. On occasion we have management bucks that will have more than eight points and are older deer that score less than 140 at maturity. A lot of these bucks are very impressive and most of our clients put them on the wall.

  • Cheap compared to trophy buck hunts.
  • Includes: one management deer; one hog; unlimited predators (bobcats have a trophy fee).

Cull Buck Hunts

Our cull buck hunts typically are deer that are 3 1/2 years or older and have seven points or less.  We key in on the big seven points, big sixes, etc.  This is not a hunt for broken antlered deer this is a cull hunt and these mature bucks are smart and road tested.

  • Cheap compared to trophy buck hunts, or even management deer hunts.
  • Includes: one management deer; one hog; unlimited predators (bobcats have a trophy fee)

Whitetail Doe Hunts

We offer lots of opportunities for whitetail does for both adults and kids.  We can put together a package that fits exactly what you are looking to do.  If you want us to guide, clean, cook and prepare the game for your trip home, we can do that.  If you want a do it yourself hunt on one of our awesome properties we can do that.  Or we can do anything in between.

  • Two Whitetail does
  • One Hog *must take the meat
  • Unlimited Coyotes and Foxes
  • Bobcats – Added Trophy Fee
  • Any weapon (at the landowners discretion)
  • Five star accommodations down to regular hunting cabins.

West Texas Mule Deer

Mule Deer Hunts

West Texas is a great place for good, free range Desert Mule Deer hunting.  Now that there is more surface water available and supplemental feeding on cattle ranches, the Mule Deer are thriving in West Texas.

  • One Mule Deer buck
  • Unlimited Predators *Bobcats – $500 Trophy Fee
  • Any weapon (at the landowners discretion)
  • Stay in a ranch house or cabins depending on the ranch you will be hunting.

South Texas Turkey Hunts

Rio Grande Wild Turkey Hunts

It is time to hunt Rio Grande turkeys in South Texas!  You will need a Texas license and our hunts are two bird hunts.  You can also shoot some pigs on your trip as we run across lots of those as well.  Our two bird hunts include meals, lodging and the hunt.  We spend lots of time feeding, scouting and running cameras on our ranches to you can be assured we are on the birds.  

  • Two Gobblers
  • Unlimited Hogs *must take the meat
  • Season: Mid-March through mid-May
  • 3 full days of hunting
  • Unguided unless you feel you need a guide. If you wish to use a guide, it will add $150 per day to your hunt (2×1).
  • You will be hunting near Pearsall, Texas. Straight South of San Antonio on Highway 35.
  • Very nice 2 to 5 Star accommodations and home cooked meals.
  • Very high success
  • You will need full camo with gloves and head net or paint for turkey hunting.  Snake boots are a good idea. Here’s a complete gear list.
Texas Nilgai Bobby Hempfling
OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL client Bobby Hempfling with an awesome Texas nilgai.

Exotics Hunting

Though our most popular exotic game animals are Axis, Blackbuck, Fallow, Sika and Aoudad, we also offer hunts for animals from Addax to Zebra.

With relationships with ranches all over Texas, we can tailor a hunt to fit what you are looking for. We do offer exotic hunts for record book animals and also have packages that can fit any budget.

A great trophy axis buck taken with our outfitter in Texas
A great trophy axis buck taken with our outfitter in Texas

Axis Deer Hunts

Most people set out to take one Axis buck in their lifetime, but after the first one they are hooked and they come back time and time again. If you like elk hunting then you will love this trophy Texas Axis buck hunt! We have multiple exotic hunting ranches in the Texas Hill Country that offer free range and high fence axis hunting.  We have hunts where we spot and stalk the animals or we can also sit on stands over food plots and travel routes.  When you show up, expect to see recent trail cam photos of patterned bucks that have been hitting the feeders. We hunt the hills, and river bottoms in some rugged country.  This hunt can be as demanding as you would like to work or easier for the people that simply cannot hike the mountain tops.  This is a fun hunt will work for everyone.

This hunt includes:

  • One Axis buck
  • One Hog *must take the meat
  • Unlimited Rattlesnakes
  • Unlimited Coyotes and Foxes
  • Bobcats – Added Trophy Fee
  • The best time to go is during the rut which takes place in late May and June.
  • Any weapon (at the landowners discretion)
  • Stay in a ranch house or cabins depending on the ranch you will be hunting.

Axis Doe Hunts

An axis doe hunt in Texas is cheap, plus you will take home some of the best meat on the planet! You could call this a true “meat hunt” at a reasonable cost. If you want to introduce a kid to hunting for the first time, or just get some more hunting experience, an exotic hunt is a good hunt for you. If you’re looking for a trophy axis, we can set you up on that too.

Not only is the meat over the top, but the hides make great pillows, flat skins, etc.  Once you take your axis doe, you need to make steaks out of most of it, and hamburger the rest.  Do not even think for a moment about making this excellent meat into sausage!  It is outstanding on the grill.

  • Two Axis does
  • One Hog *must take the meat
  • Unlimited Rattlesnakes
  • Unlimited Coyotes and Foxes
  • Bobcats – Added Trophy Fee
  • Season: May through September
  • Any weapon (at the landowners discretion)
  • Stay in a ranch house or cabins depending on the ranch you will be hunting.
Cory Glauner loves Texas javelina hunting.
OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL Founder, Cory Glauner with an archery javelina he took in South Texas.

Javelina Hunts

This is a relaxing, fun trip, and a great option for bow hunters. In fact, there are so many javelina, that if someone want so shoot rifle, they will probably be done in just one day. You WILL get some shooting in. This is a high success hunt, that anyone can do.

Also, if you see feral hogs, they’re fair game, and the wild hogs can get up to 100 pounds or more. Another fun thing to do on this hunt is to drive the roads at night, hunting rattlesnakes and calling predators. The rattlers in Texas are BIG, and mean…and there are a lot of them!

How to Hunt Javelina

Typically, Texas javelina hunting is done much the same way as whitetail deer, which is out of a blind overlooking several senderos (cleared roadways) in the brush. However, if you want to really have some fun (especially with a bow), your outfitter will “corn the road,” and drive around until a herd of pigs come out to feed, and then spot and stalk them. You’ll sneak in the cover along the side of the road to get into bow range. This style of hunting is a lot more challenging, but also a lot more fun.

Texas Javelina Hunting Season

There isn’t a set season for javelina, but the best time to go is mid-January through April. This is after the outfitter has been feeding the deer for several months, and it’s not yet too hot to hunt comfortably. This is a great hunt for a group of friends looking to extend their hunting season.

  • Semi-guided: Guides will put you out at corn fed locations and you will be picked up later.
  • 3 1/2 days of hunting with 2 travel days
  • Two javelina limit.
  • Unlimited wild hogs. *must take the meat
  • Unlimited rattlesnakes. Texas has gigantic Western Diamondback rattlesnakes!
  • Unlimited coyotes and foxes.
  • Bobcats – Added Trophy Fee
  • This hunt takes place in April. Be sure to check the five-day forecast before coming to see what you need to bring with you, springtime weather in South Texas can swing wildly.
  • When hunting javelina in Texas, you’ll probably hunt  safari style, out of a vehicle, safari style until they’re located for a stalk.
  • Stay in a ranch house or cabins depending on the ranch you will be hunting.

The thick brush is perfect habitat for both predators and prey, and there are plenty of both. When predator hunting, you can expect to do lots of calling with both mouth calls and electronic calls.

Predator Hunts

Hog and predator hunting are both becoming more and more popular, and Texas has the best of both. Both a Texas hog hunt as well as predator hunting can be done year round, but as we hit the summer months we do the bulk of our hunting at night. We tend to sleep in the mornings and hunt the evenings, all night, and into the early parts of the morning.  You will hunt hogs over feeders with lights, or spotlights were possible, and with thermal and infrared scopes. What makes this Texas hog hunt different from all the rest is the outfitter makes sure that you are set up way ahead of time, with the blinds and feeders that draw the hogs.

When it comes to predator hunting, this outfitter knows the importance of giving a ranch some rest before you hammer the coyotes, foxes and bobcats.  Predator calling to frequently tends to educate the critters and we want you to be successful on your trip.  Recently, they have added thermal scopes to their bag of tricks, which gives us the ability to hunt all night long.

Texas is crawling with coyotes, foxes and bobcats. The thick brush is perfect habitat for both predators and prey, and there are plenty of both. When predator hunting, you can expect to do lots of calling with both mouth calls and electronic calls.  These are some of the smartest animals we hunt and if you are up for a challenge, then this one’s for you. You are not limited to how many predators you can shoot, however, bobcats do have an added trophy fee.

  • Unlimited Hogs *must take the meat
  • Unlimited Coyotes and Fox
  • Bobcats – Added Trophy Fee
  • Unlimited Rattlesnakes
  • 3 1/2 days of hunting with 2 travel days
  • Semi Guided
  • Any weapon (at the landowners discretion)
  • Stay in a ranch house or cabins depending on the ranch you will be hunting. Lodging will be 2 to 5 Star depending on the ranch you are hunting and/or your preference.

Youth Hog Hunt

Want to get your kid a good introduction to hunting?

This Texas youth whitetail hunting program is an affordable way for a parent and their child to hunt with a great Texas outfitter who shares our company values. We need to introduce our kids to the hunting lifestyle if we have any hope of maintaining this way of life.

  • Friday & Saturday CAMPFIRE DEVOTIONS
  • 1 Whitetail Doe OR 2 Spring Gobblers *Upgrades quoted per ranch
  • 1 Hog *must take the meat
  • Unlimited Predators *Bobcats – $500 Trophy Fee
  • Predetermined dates with limited availability.
  • Ranches Are 3-5 Star Accommodations With A/C-Heat, Restrooms, Very Nice Bedding and Lodging. Some have private rooms.
  • Upgrades to different animals and trophy deer are an additional cost quoted per ranch, if available.

The Alamo in San Antonio

Travel Information

  • Arrive Monday afternoon.
  • Most hunters fly into Austin, San Antonio, or Laredo, rent car and drive to Encinal, Texas. Depends on where in Texas you’re hunting.
  • Hunt Tuesday-Thursday full days.
  • Hunt Friday morning.
  • Leave Friday evening.

Booking Information

Interested in booking this trip? If you have not yet received pricing please request it here, and be sure to reference the trip number at the top of this page. Please note that reservations are not considered finalized until agreed upon deposit is received. This ensures agreed upon dates and current pricing. Quality outfitters are in high demand so let us know right away, as some trips do book years in advance.

All of these Hunts Include:

  • Lodging: Depending on the hunt, lodging can range from 4 Star, to comfortable cabins with reasonable amenities (hot water, showers, A/C, etc.).
  • Home cooked meals
  • Guides (1×1, 2×1 or semi-guided depending on your hunt)
  • Transportation during your hunt (pickups, 4×4’s, UTV, ATV)

Not Included:

  • Travel to the location you will be hunting.
  • Taxidermy
  • License and tags
  • Shipping
  • Meat Processing
  • Tips
  • We highly recommend that you purchase Travel Insurance.

Photos from this outfitter’s hunts in Texas:

We look forward to assisting you in finding and booking an amazing trip with the best guides and outfitters in the world. Contact us to get on the books.