Kamchatka Fly Fishing Trip #OI-BOK1

Double rainbow!

Trip #OI-BOK1

Fly Fishing in Kamchatka

Most of the time when fly fishing in Kamchatka, you’re targeting trophy rainbow trout. At any time, you can fish a riffle for trophy-sized grayling that will rival anything in Alaska, and the salmon fishing is amazing during their runs… this place is an incredible fishery! We understand how fishing conditions change throughout the season and we give you advice based on peak fishing times. When it comes to fly fishing, we have high standards, and do our best to set realistic expectations. Call us to discover how easy it is to book your dream trip with Outdoors International.

When fly fishing Kamchatka, you might be swinging streamers, mousing, or throwing dry flies on floating line.

Depending on the day, you may wade or fish from the boats. The hatches can be so prolific, that the caddis flies will cover the rafts up to an inch thick! Kamchatka has extraordinarily huge hatches of various Stoneflies, Mayflies, and Caddis, plus spring and fall Beatis, Green Drakes and Pale Morning Duns. Add to that millions of salmon, and you have the recipe for monster Rainbows and lots of them. However, depending on when you go, there are lots of Kings, Silvers, Chums, and Dolly Varden.

  • The average rainbow trout is four pounds, with some weighing more than six. Fish over 30 inches are caught yearly.
  • The trout on Kamchatka are aggressive.
  • Dolly Varden, King salmon, Chums and Silver salmon fishing can be amazing depending on the time of year.
  • How you want to fish determines which options will suit you best. Be sure to talk to us so we can put you in the right spot. Some of these programs are very exclusive, so be sure to start planning now.
  • This is the only outfitter who works exclusively on Kamchatka. They have a singular focus, which makes them our obvious choice. Their guides, staff, lodging, cuisine, equipment is outstanding. Their logistics are dialed in, and they pay attention to the details. We are looking forward to introducing you to them.

July is when you go for King salmon and Rainbow trout.

Everybody’s heard of the great Kamchatka salmon fishing, but it has some out-of-this-world mousing for big rainbow trout too! In fact, a 100 fish day on mouse patterns is not unheard of. Also, July is the month of the big Caddis hatches, so you have to choose between mousing and throwing dries…. what a conundrum! The Dolly Varden move up into the rivers in July as well, and you will catch A LOT of them.

August is prime time for Salmon Fishing.

There are more than a dozen watersheds on the peninsula with big runs of salmon in all of them during this time of year. The rivers are stuffed with different species of fish. Silvers will be coming up the rivers by the second week, and by now the Kings and Chums will be spawning. So, you will target the spawning beds or big trout. They will destroy a mouse or streamer, and there is no need to throw beads.

In Kamchatka, trout will destroy a mouse or streamer, and there is no need to throw beads.
In Kamchatka, trout will destroy a mouse or streamer, and there is no need to throw beads.

The Flyout Fishing Lodge

While the rivers of Alaska are flooded with fisherman, rivers in Kamchatka are flooded with fish and just waiting to be explored. At this Kamchatka flyout lodge, you’ll be fishing with the only outfitter within hundreds of square miles. Forget jumping into a plane at the crack of dawn to arrive second, third or fourth in line. The amount of remote wilderness fly fishing available in Kamchatka is shocking. While the rivers of Alaska are flooded with fisherman, our rivers are flooded with fish and just waiting to be explored.

You and three other lucky anglers will have private use of a MI-2 helicopter and experienced pilot.

Access is the key and there is no better way than flying to the river by chopper. Each night you and your guides will pour over the map of northern Kamchatka discussing the possibilities, and your ambitions for the following day. Would you like to fish a river with lots of braids and back channels? No problem! Want a little river with abnormally large fish? It is yours! Perhaps begin the morning catching 5-10 pound Dolly Varden every cast and finish the day casting to rising native 20-inch Rainbows? Let’s do it!

  • This fishing trip is the ultimate in exclusive with only four anglers per week maximum.
  • Your day is catered around your ability to wade the streams. You may choose to walk three miles or just 400 yards of river. It’s up to you.
  • The helicopter can pick you up just about any place you stop.
  • Soon to be famous rivers such as the Nelson, Starichok, Shishey and Levaya are only a short flight away.
  • These rivers are completely untouched and unfished.
  • Our customers have described this flyout lodge as the ultimate Kamchatka fly fishing experience.
Float fishing in Kamchatka
Our season on the Two Yurt emphasizes fishing rather than floating. Some of the camps are located more closely together to allow more intensive coverage of prime pieces of water.

Float Fishing

This is the most exclusive float fishing program on Kamchatka.

The beautiful Two Yurt River is similar to fishing in Alaska with one very important difference…there are no other anglers. Although it is technically a float, this trip emphasizes fly fishing as opposed to the floating.  Some of the camps are located more closely together to allow more intensive coverage of prime pieces of water.

The Two Yurt River offers freestone pocket water to long spring creek glides.

  • Without a doubt it is the lake drain/spring creek character of the river system that supports the remarkable number of fish.
  • There are huge runs of Sockeye and King salmon in late June.
  • By early July, through October, in addition to salmon, the river is thick with rainbows trout stuffing themselves on salmon eggs.

In July the hatches of caddis can be so heavy they cover all the rafts to an inch thick.

  • Anglers begin and end each day at one of five permanent camps that are spaced a full day of fishing apart.
  • Each of the camps is 100% supported by cabins.
  • Three guest cabins, hot showers, flush toilets all make this for a comfortable float.
  • Each cabin has a wood stove, electricity and a comfortable bed.

Braided trout river

Kamchatka Fly Fishing Lodge

The Ozernaya River has been called the greatest trout stream of all time, and boasts 80+ pound King salmon.

We believe the Ozernaya is the crown jewel of Kamchatka; it has been called the greatest trout stream of all time. It’s a huge spring creek over 120 miles long, running directly into the Bering Sea. It receives huge runs of salmon, and an unbelievable number of large rainbow trout averaging well over 20 inches.

The Ozernaya has every single ingredient to grow slab-sized rainbows – Lots of insects, huge salmon runs, mice, and tons of sculpins. It’s also easy to wade and gin clear. Much of the time you’ll be sight casting to big fish.

A recent creel census showed that 88 anglers landed 7,953 rainbows averaging 22 inches over a 9 week period.

  •  In late June and early July, King salmon up to 80 plus pounds and the first sockeye salmon show up.
  • By July, they’re followed by the Chum salmon run and Pinks.
  • August brings the largest runs of Silver salmon in the world! These are big Silvers that we have weighed to 22 pounds.
  • In late August, there’s also a fall run of Chum salmon.
  • The grayling fishing is as good or better than Alaska. Grayling are hungry and dumb….they’ll eeat any skated caddis during the innumerable seasonal hatches.

The lodge

Lodging and Accommodations

The lodging depends on where you are fishing, but you can rest assured that it will be comfortable. The amenities consist of spacious and comfortable small cabins. They are heated, have electricity, running water, flushing toilets, a drying room, and hot showers. There is also a central dining room.

You can expect hot coffee whenever you want it, or Russian “chai” tea. The menu is American with a touch of Russian. Breakfasts are bacon and eggs, oatmeal or cereal, lunch is usually fresh fish cooked along the bank, and a wide variety of hearty dinners.

Travel Information

  • You will fly Yakutia Airlines from Anchorage to Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka.
  • From there, you will meet a concierge who will escort you to a private bus out of the Petropavlovsk valley. They used to fly out of Petropavlovsk but came to understand that the buses are a better option.
  • You will take a three hour bus ride, on paved roads, to Milkova where you will board the helicopter to camp.
  • You’ll be landing huge Rainbows that afternoon.
  • Weather days are always possible, but extremely rare.

Rainbows From Above Flyout Program

Booking Information

Interested in booking this trip? If you have not yet received pricing please request it here, and be sure to reference the trip number at the top of this page. Please note that reservations are not considered finalized until agreed upon deposit is received. This ensures agreed upon dates and current pricing. Quality outfitters are in high demand so let us know right away, as some trips do book years in advance.

Trips Include

  • Transportation once on Kamchatka
  • Food – All of our programs are supported by professional chefs.
  • Lodging – All our programs are supported by cabins.
  • Guiding

Not Included

  • Trip Insurance
  • Alcohol
  • Fishing license
  • Transportation to Kamchatka
  • Tips

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When you’re ready to book, if you haven’t already ask your Outdoors International Consultant for updated pricing. If it looks good, your consultant will write up a booking agreement for you.