Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt #OI-BHON1

A mountain lion hunt can be a fun family event.

Hunt #OI-BHON1

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunts

West Central Idaho along the South Fork of the Salmon River is known as a premier mountain lion hunting area because it is a main winter range for elk and deer.

This experienced houndsman and his professional mountain lion hunting guides have experienced great success chasing and harvesting mature toms along the scenic South Fork of the Salmon River in the wilderness of the West Central Mountains of Idaho. This stretch of river drainage along the South Fork of the Salmon River hosts a high number of wintering elk and mule deer during this time of year, with no shortage of predators to follow.

So far, we’ve had an 80% success rate on mature toms.

  • Lodging and Meals are included on the hunt.
  • Hunt for six full days.
  • Guaranteed, over-the-counter mountain lion tags.
  • Be sure to get a wolf tag. They’re common in this area.
  • There’s always a chance for a bobcat too!
  • Trip Reports and Outfitter Reviews

You’ll be hunting with an experienced houndsman who runs well trained hounds.

Our head guide is a second generation houndsman with a lifetime of experience chasing bears and mountain lions in Idaho. He’s been hunting the South Fork of the Salmon River area for over a decade! Hound hunting is a year-round affair for a true houndsman, and ours are among the best. They know the area very intimately as well as how to locate and put mature mountain lions in the tree!

You should be warned that this hunt has the potential to be physically difficult depending on where you’re tom decides to bay up. However our outfitter and his houndsman have been able to successfully accommodate all ability levels.

Buck Horn Outfitters Guest Cabin

Lodging and Accommodations

Hunters will stay in a private guest cabins with full amenities in Yellow Pine, Idaho.

  • Home cooked breakfast and dinner in the outfitters home.
  • Sack lunches are prepared every morning for in the field.
  • Please speak to your Hunting Consultant and the outfitter for any special dietary needs or requests.

Treed and freed

Typical Daily Schedule on this Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt

An average day will consist of waking up early around 5:30 am to a wonderful home cooked breakfast and coffee before heading out to hunt for the day. Hunters and guide(s) will leave around 7:00 am to go begin the search for previous nights tracks. The houndsmen will have left long before the hunters are awake, typically between 2:00-5:00 am to search for fresh tracks.

You will eventually meet up with the houndsman and often times he will have already located tracks and formulated strategy to start the chase! Hunters and guides will cover ground mostly by 4X4 trucks and snow machines while looking for fresh tracks.

Once fresh tracks have been located and the chase has began hunters will have the option to stand back and watch things unfold or join in the chase on foot! Travel from roads and trails will typically be short distance and by foot. They have used horses and snowshoes in some cases to get hunters as close as they can to a treed mountain lion. (4×4 trucks, ATV’S, Snowmobiles, Snowshoes, and horses have been used when the weather dictates. case by case).

Travel Information

If you plan to fly commercially to Idaho, we recommend that you fly into Boise (BOI).

  • You will arrive in Boise and then drive a rental to Yellow Pine, which takes roughly four hours. (Don’t forget to pick up any last minute items in Boise).
  • Clients who choose to drive can drive straight into Yellow Pine, Idaho.
  • You will be met by the outfitter in Yellow Pine where you will get all settled in for the following day to begin the hunt!
  • It’s important that you drive a vehicle with 4-wheel drive. Snowy roads are probable.

Let's go hunting boss!

Booking Information

Interested in booking this trip? If you have not yet received pricing please request it here, and be sure to reference the trip number at the top of this page. Please note that reservations are not considered finalized until agreed upon deposit is received. This ensures agreed upon dates and current pricing. Quality outfitters are in high demand so let us know right away, as some trips do book years in advance.

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunts along the South Fork of the Salmon River Include:

  • All lodging and meals for the scheduled hunt dates.
  • Professional guiding with experienced houndsman and well-trained hounds.
  • Transportation to and from the hunting areas.
  • Professional field care and pack out of game animals taken.

Not Included:

Photos from this Hunt:

When you’re ready to book, if you haven’t already ask your Outdoors International Consultant for updated pricing. If it looks good, your consultant will write up a booking agreement for you.