Possibly the best steelhead fishing destination in the world!

Alaska is one of the top sport angling destinations in the world due to its salmon, halibut, and trout fishing opportunities. The vast landmass of Alaska is scattered with rivers, lakes and streams that offer unparalleled fishing. Our outfitter offers one of the best steelhead trips in Alaska and an unmatched experience fishing for truly wild Steelhead.

The Fishing

  • First time fly fisherman to very experienced single-hand and two-handed anglers will enjoy this trip.
  • Fall Season: September 14 – November 1
  • Fish Three Different Rivers: A trip to this lodge offers anglers the opportunity to fish three very different rivers for fall run steelhead.
  • Species: Steelhead (of course!); Silver Salmon; Dolly Varden; and Rainbow Trout. *Although we practice catch and release for Steelhead, Dollies and Rainbows, many of our clients choose to keep the Silver Salmon they catch to be processed and shipped home.
  • Catch Processing: If you catch a silver salmon that is fresh and want to keep it, we have a nearby company that will process it for you. Fish boxes for airline travel come in 25 lb boxes and we can add in halibut, crab etc if you want at an additional market price.
  • Add a day or two of Heli-Fishing to your trip!
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Fishing Season

This is a fall steelhead run, and the season is short. It only lasts from mid-September through the end of the month. The beautiful fall weather on the Kenai Peninsula paired with the abundant number of steelhead making their annual run up the three different rivers we fish make this a premier destination for the beginner or advanced steelhead angler.

Heli-Fishing Option

If you are planning to travel all the way to go fishing in Alaska, why not go just a little further and get away from the crowd? Let us know if this sounds like a good add-on to your trip.


This outfitter offers 5 star rated accommodations centrally located to all the rivers you will fish. The main lodge and four guest cabins are perched on the edge of a 200 ft. bluff overlooking Kachemak Bay, Cook Inlet, glaciers, and the famed active volcanoes Mt. Redoubt and Mt. Iliamna. The views are absolutely breathtaking morning, day and night.

There is nothing better than closing an incredible day of steelhead fishing by watching one of the most beautiful sunsets one can ever see! All while trading stories and pictures over drinks and hors d’oeuvres before dinner in the main lodge.

Each cabin has its own fire pit that is restocked daily as well as outdoor seating to enjoy after dinner before you retire to the solitude of your cabin. All guest cabins consist of a fully equipped kitchen, living room with flat screen TV and convertible bed, gas fireplace, very comfortable queen bed in the master bedroom and finally, a bathroom complete with state of the art washer and dryer.

No trip to Alaska is complete without wildlife sightings and with the occasional moose walking by the cabins, bald eagles flying next to the bluff, and seals and whales in the bay, you will not be disappointed.  For the more adventurous guests that are willing to stay up late, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the famous Aurora Borealis “Northern Lights”.


You can expect some of the finest Alaskan fare there is to offer and after a day of fishing for steelhead these dinners are even better! Chefs are always more than happy to accommodate specific dietary needs or even just a request for a specific craving!

In the morning before heading out you will find our chefs working hard to prepare you some good strong coffee and a hearty breakfast. Everyone then leaves stocked for the day with a custom-packed shore-side lunch, as well as plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you going.

On the colder days, guides prepare coffee, hot cider and hot chocolate on the boats. Feel free to bring a flask as well…you’ve got to love a hot cider with a little splash of whiskey to warm you up!

You can expect the dinners to be local and fresh, consisting of sushi, scallops, shrimp, halibut, salmon, king crab, clams, oysters, caribou, beef, just to name “a few”.

Non-Angler Activities

The Kenai Peninsula offers so much more than fishing. Please don’t hesitate to bring a loved one who wants to experience Alaska without a rod and reel in their hand! We will provide them with a vehicle and a host (when available) to accompany them to see the sights and partake in some of the many other activities one can enjoy.

  • Day trips to the quaint town of Homer
  • Day Fly-in Bear Watching Tours
  • Whale watching
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Clam digging
  • Hiking
  • Beachcombing
  • Photography
  • Scenic boat tours
  • Stay on the property! Relax, read, snuggle by the fire, and most of all – enjoy the scenery.

Limited openings, so if interested, please contact us for specific dates, availability and pricing.

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Steelhead fishing in Alaska

The Water

You’ll be fishing three different rivers. What are the names of those rivers you ask?

Well, they’re secret. Sorry, but you’re not going to find that out until you go see them for yourself! What we will say is that one river boasts the largest steelhead run on the Peninsula. These rivers are highly coveted by local anglers and guides and we intend to keep them as pristine and special as possible.

Two of these rivers are walk and wade fisheries and the third which boasts the largest run of steelhead on the peninsula is much larger and fished from drift boats along with wading the many gravel bars and runs. This river which we can not say the name of in order to protect the fishery and keep it as pristine as possible can not blow out!

The fear of many steelhead anglers when planning a trip is the possibility of heavy rains and a river that blows out while on your trip of a lifetime. This does not happen here!

River #1

The smallest river of the three, this one can only be accessed via foot.  Although this river is the most susceptible to the elements, the Fall season seems to bring relatively stable conditions offering easy wading and smaller, more manageable fishing rigs.

This river is truly a gem and we like to spend at least a couple days fishing this river. When conditions are right the fishing can be on fire!

  • Travel time to River #1 from the lodge and cabins is only 15 minutes, which guests find very convenient.
  • Most of the fishing on this river is done with small nymph rigs but if the water is right a switch rod can work well to swing a fly through the zone.
  • Single hand rods can also work to swing a weighted fly on this river but the switch rods are a preferred method.
  • Even though this river gets the smallest run of steelhead it will be unknown to you when you have a section of river all to yourself. The little angling pressure on this river allows you to target fish that haven’t been spooked by other anglers. You will love the intimacy and solitude that this small river offers.
  • Depending upon arrival time we can offer two half days of fishing on the front and back end of your stay, this is the most conducive river for a half day trip.
  • Expect to fish this river 2-3 days during your stay.

River #2

The second of the three main rivers is a bit larger, but offers similar fishing opportunities as the first. Anglers of all abilities tend to do very well on this river because of the large number of steelhead in the run.

Wading access is very limited on this river but the knowledge acquired by your guides from years of experience will get you into fish. During higher flows and tough wading conditions we have the ability to use inflatable kayaks instead of hiking and crossing the river. This is a fun and effective way to fish this river during high flows and cover the necessary water to get you into fish.

  • Travel time is about 40 minutes from the lodge.
  • If water flows are low then you will hike and wade to get to the productive sections.
  • For serious numbers of fish to the net then nymph rigs are the preferred method.
  • If you want the challenge this river offers many opportunities to get your fish on the swing.
  • You can expect to fish this river 1-2 times during your stay.

River #3

The last of the rivers we fish is to many the most special and has the largest run of steelhead on the peninsula. Our outfitter is confident that there is not an angler on the planet that we cannot produce a steelhead for while fishing this river! Unlike the other two rivers, this river is not susceptible to the elements. This is one of the most important reasons to book your steelhead trip with us in Alaska. This river is glacial fed flowing naturally from a lake. The glacial silt gives it a beautiful turquoise color and most importantly, it will not blow out which is the most concerning of all issues when booking any steelhead trip.

Access to this river is via drift boat or power drifter. Some fishing will be done from the boat while drifting through runs using nymph rigs. Once we reach the many wade fishing locations you can choose to continue to nymph for steelhead or pick up the spey rod and swing what is believed by many to be one of the best rivers to swing a fly in the world. We use many different shooting heads and sink tip combinations depending on water level or the run you are swinging.

This river is wide but shallow in most places so usually light flies and tips are key. Most fish are hooked in 2-3 feet of water and even less than a foot as the season gets into late October. Since this river is so shallow, it offers the beginner two-handed spey fisherman an almost guaranteed opportunity to hook their first steelhead on the swing. The experienced spey fisherman will find this river to be almost unbelievable and find themselves coming back each year.

  • Travel time to this river is only 15 minutes to the take out where you will meet your guide. You will then hop in with the guide to drive the dirt road upriver for approximately 15 more minutes to the put in.
  • You can expect to fish this river for 3 days during your stay.
  • If you find boat fishing is more comfortable and enjoyable than wading we can arrange for you to fish this river more.

This Trip Includes:

  • 6 Nights Lodging
  • 5 Full Days of Guided Fishing
  • 2 Possible Half Days of Guide Assisted Fishing (depending on your travel plans)
  • All Meals and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Ground Transportation to and from Kenai Airport
  • Fly Rods, Reels, Flies, and Terminal Tackle.

Not Included:

  • Airfare to Anchorage and Kenai.
  • Fishing License.
  • Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Waders and Boots.
  • 3% sales tax.
  • Guide and Staff Gratuity.
  • Trip Insurance.
Alaska steelhead fishing

Travel Information

Nearest Airport: Major Airport Anchorage, Kenai Commuter Flight

Outfitter Pickup: Airport Pick Up is Included in the price

Transportation During Trip: All Transportation is Included in the Price, All customers are provided with access to a vehicle during their stay

  • Depart from your preferred airport and arrive in Anchorage, AK.
  • Prior to arriving, you will need to book your flight from Anchorage to Kenai, AK through a company by the name of Ravn Alaska. If you call Ravn, they are very helpful and will assist you with purchasing the proper flight based on your arrival time in Anchorage. These flights are affordable, typically around $85.
  • The flight to Kenai is roughly 20 minutes and offers breathtaking scenery.
  • A host will be there to greet you upon your arrival to the Kenai airport!
  • While in Kenai, most guests choose to purchase their fishing license, make a quick stop at the liquor store and/or pick up anything they forgot to pack.
  • You and your host will then make the scenic 40 minute drive to the lodge and cabins.


Saturday Arrival:

(Optional) Saturday arrival in Anchorage is for our guests that want to see Anchorage, have friends to visit, or have too far to travel in one day. Thus makes it easier to split up the travel over 2 days by staying in Anchorage on Saturday night.

You are then able to take one of the first Sunday morning Ravn flights out of Anchorage to Kenai, enabling you to get a half-day of fishing in when you arrive!

Sunday Arrival:

Keep in mind that flights to Anchorage sometimes arrive early and if you can get to baggage claim and get your bags quickly. You may be able to make an earlier Ravn flight to Kenai – IF seating is available.

Then you are possibly able to fish for a few hours when you arrive. If you would indeed like to try and get a little fishing in on Sunday afternoon, also try to get on the earliest flight available out of your airport to Anchorage.

Monday through Friday:

Guests will enjoy five full days of guided fishing, relaxation and local Alaskan cuisine. Fishing itinerary will vary as it is dependent upon the guest’s expectations, weather, ability, and fishing conditions.

Saturday Departure:

After breakfast, you will be driven back to the Kenai Airport by your host to catch your Ravn flight back to Anchorage.

  • Please make Ravn flight arrangements to allow for plenty of time in Anchorage to make your return flight home.
  • Or, if guests arrange for an evening flight out of Anchorage, our staff will be able to take you out for a half day of fishing before being transferred to the Kenai Airport.
Now offering Heli-Fishing trips in Alaska!

Personal Gear

  • Light to heavy layers (No Cotton). Your lightest thermal tops and bottoms are most commonly worn. Basically, if you booked the last 2 weeks in Sept or the 1st week in Oct, lighter layers will work great. If you booked the last 3 weeks of Oct bring heavier layers in addition to the lighter layers to cover all your bases. You will also need a light mid layer jacket (fleece, primaloft, synthetic down, wool, etc…) as well as a heavier mid layer jacket (down, synthetic down, wool, etc…). Your clothing is important and you know yourself so use your best judgment when packing.
  • A good rain jacket. This is a must, so make sure your current jacket doesn’t leak.
  • Waders and Boots. It is imperative that you have waders that don’t leak. If you have or are having problems with your current waders you will need to buy a new pair or make very sure they are not leaking before you depart. Also, if you buy new boots make sure you break them in because we do a good amount of hiking on the small rivers. If you have new boots make sure to bring mole skin in case of blisters.
  • A pair of boots to wear around the lodge and cabins and a pair of slippers is always nice too. We all wear Muck boots but they tend to be overkill for the lodge and cabins the majority of the time.
  • Billed Hat for sun and eye protection.
  • A stocking cap never hurts as well as gloves for the weeks in Oct to be safe. Bring fingerless gloves if you tend to fish in gloves when it’s cold.
  • Comfortable pants to wear under your waders.
  • Medium to thick socks are preferred.
  • Polarized Sunglasses. If you have low light sunglasses in addition to your everyday pair, bring both.
  • Medication
  • Ibuprofen, pain meds, etc…
  • Toiletries
  • Camera, battery charger, computer so you are able to download pics throughout the week or extra SD cards. Gopro if you have one and cord to recharge.
  • Cell phone, charger and a waterproof case if you have one
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes for mother nature’s restroom.
  • Headlamp
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash for gratuities for your guides and chef. $400-$600 will be enough.

Fishing Gear

  • Water Bottle
  • Small Backpack or big waist or sling pack (preferably water resistant or waterproof)
  • Basic Fishing Tools. Hemostats, nippers, split shot (BB – 3/0)
  • Fluorocarbon line: 10lb, 12lb, 15lb and 20lb. We prefer Sunline FC Sniper or Pline. Tippet you would use for Trout is not the proper fluoro material needed for Steelhead because it needs to be stiffer and more abrasion resistant. (optional)
  • 9ft 0x, 1x and 2x Salmon/Steelhead leaders (2 of each is plenty)
  • Large and XL Thingamabobbers (3 packs of each size. Buy some Black if you can)
  • Standard Spey flies for swinging in Pink, Black, Orange as well as your favorite Black Trout streamers for the smaller rivers. New patterns are always welcome. (optional)
  • Size 10, 12 and 14 mil Trout Beads in Tangerine and Light Roe
  • Owner hooks, Mosquito, in size 4 and 6 (optional)
  • 9-10ft 7 or 8 weight Single Handed rods with reels and floating line to match. (optional)
  • 11ft 7 or 8 weight Switch rods with reels and floating line (RIO Switch line ONLY) to match. (optional)
  • 12’6 – 13’6 7 or 8 weight Spey rods with reels and line (Skagit or Scandi preferably) to match. (optional)
  • An assortment of sinking tips (5 is typically how they are sold). We use very light tips so make sure you have an intermediate tip and heavier from there. (optional)

Booking Information

Interested in booking this trip? If you have not yet received pricing please request it here, and be sure to reference the trip number at the top of this page. Please note that reservations are not considered finalized until agreed upon deposit is received. This ensures agreed upon dates and current pricing. Quality outfitters are in high demand so let us know right away, as some trips do book years in advance.

When you’re ready to book, if you haven’t already ask your Outdoors International Consultant for updated pricing.

If it looks good, your consultant will write up a booking agreement for you. Remember, our service is free to you. There are no added costs.

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