Alaska Baited Bear Hunt #OI-AOU3

This is an archery hunters dream to go on this hunt. I shot 3 Bears in one night. One Brown and two Black Bears. I then shot a third Black Bear on the last night.

Hunt #OI-AOU3

Alaska Baited Bear Hunt

Nearly 100% for both brown bears and black bears. Take two additional black bears for a trophy fee!

The ability to hunt brown bears over bait in Alaska has recently been allowed and is turning out to be quite the treat! This outfitter says that the bears in many cases, have taken over their black bear baits making the brown bears somewhat of a nuisance… a welcomed nuisance however.

With near 100% for this Alaska combo bear hunt you can get the best of both worlds with Alaska black bears in all different color phases, and brown bears with chocolate to almost a white colored fur. An Alaska brown bear hunt is a top five dream hunt for most hunters, and this one is a ton of fun!

Hunt Brown Bears and Black Bears over the same bait!

  • Hunt brown bear AND black bear over bait.
  • Success rates for brown bears are very high, with most hunters getting shot opportunities.
  • Success for black bears has so far been amazing with a 100% opportunity rate!
  • Brown bears can get up to 9 feet, with skulls that measure 26 inches, but 7-8 feet is average.
  • Hunts are 10 days with the 11th day saved for travel out of the cabin.
  • Enjoy fishing for Sockeye Salmon during the day.

The relaxed schedule is also what sets this bear hunt aside.

Wake up late as you will be hunting almost until midnight most nights. After you wake up enjoy some Sockeye salmon fishing before you hit the stands for the rest of the day.

This outfitter says that this has been one of there most reliable experiences over the last five years. So far, all of our hunters that went for either brown bear or black bear have had shots! All hunters that wanted to harvest a black bear had the opportunity to harvest last year. Among those bears were several beautiful color-phase bears. This outfitter had about 30 baits and about 200 black bears and 80 brown bears that were visiting these baits.

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Brown bear hunting in Alaska
Talk about adrenaline! When a big brown bear comes into the bait, it is INTENSE!

Dates and Pricing

Interested in booking this trip? If you have not yet received pricing please request it here, and be sure to reference the trip number at the top of this page. Please note that reservations are not considered finalized until agreed upon deposit is received. This ensures agreed upon dates and current pricing. Quality outfitters are in high demand so let us know right away, as some trips do book years in advance.


  • 1:1 professionally guided
  • One brown bear and one black bear (add additional bears for a trophy fee)
  • Lodging is included
  • All meals

Not Included:

  • Trophy Fees for additional black bears.
  • Transportation from Anchorage to Copper Center, Alaska.
  • Taxidermy
  • Meat processing
  • Meat/Trophy shipping
  • Trip Insurance – We highly recommend insuring your hunt. Especially in Alaska where weather can be a major concern.
  • Tips

Lodging and Meals

For this bear hunt your accommodations will be right on the Klutina River.

  • You’ll stay in a small, comfortable cabin on the outfitters property in Copper Center, Alaska. Be ready to wake up in the morning to some amazing Sockeye Salmon fishing just feet from your cabin!
  • All of your meals are included in the price of the hunt.
  • Your meals will be hearty and in some cases they will be gourmet. However, meals will be up to the outfitter to provide.
  • All guiding for this hunt is done one-on-one.
  • Your guide will help you with all phases of the hunt including taking care of your bear when it is harvested. Transportation to the hunting area can include highway vehicle, ATV, or jet boat.
  • Your schedule for this hunt is going to be very unique. Instead of waking up before the sun, hunters will wake up late as the hunting is expected to go well past midnight. After you wake up expect a light breakfast follow by the day activities which will include Sockeye fishing just steps from your cabin in the Klutina river, lunch, and then hitting the stands to try and harvest your bears.

Travel Information

The nearest airport to fly into for this hunt is Anchorage Alaska.

  • After you have landed in Anchorage renting of a vehicle will need to be done.
  • You will then drive to Copper Center, Alaska which is where the hunt will be based out of.

Photos from this Hunt:

Gear List


  • 1 – Pair hiking boots or pull on rubber boots
  • 6 – Pair high quality wool or blend socks
  • 1 – Pair Gore Tex Gaiters (Important for crossing shallow streams)
  • 1 – Pair comfortable camp shoes or slippers


  • 1 – Kryptek rain gear; or other quality light uninsulated rain gear
  • 1 – Kryptek lightweight insulated coat with hood; or other “puffy jacket” (synthetic or down)
  • 2 – Pair synthetic or merino wool long underwear (top and bottom)
  • 1 – Light Jacket (soft shell, fleece, etc)
  • 1 – Pair Light synthetic pants
  • 1 – Pair warmer synthetic pants
  • 2 – Synthetic shirts (one lighter one heavier)
  • 1 – Wool or synthetic hat
  • 1 – Pair hunting gloves
  • Clothes for around camp


  • 1 – Shooting practice. (Shots will be close but hunters have completely missed bears at 10 yards with rifles. For some, bear hunting is a mental game. Archery hunters should expect shots to 25 yards. Be familiar with bear anatomy and discuss it with your guide.)
  • 1 – Firearm, composite stock recommended; or Bow (cases will be left with air service)
  • 2 – Boxes ammo; or at least ten arrows
  • 1 – Spare Scope covers and Sling
  • 1 – Hunting knife
  • 3 – Pairs Rubber gloves


  • 1 – Lightweight Camera
  • 1 – Sunscreen (you may never need it but it can be very necessary in June )
  • 1 – Personal effects and medications
  • 1 – Bic lighter
  • 1 – Sunglasses
  • 1 – Lens Cleaner
  • Cash for tips (A tip is a reward for a job well done. It is considered customary in the guiding industry as it is in the restaurant industry. Please tip on the effort of your guide, not necessarily the quality of your trophy. A tip of 10% is standard for a good job, slightly less for a satisfactory job. If you feel your guide has done a very poor job, do not tip them and discuss it with your outfitter. Please feel free to openly discuss tipping with your guide. Most guides use the best equipment they can afford at their income level. Cash is generally preferred but if you want to use an item (rifle, binoculars, clothing etc) as a tip or portion of a tip please discuss it with your guide.


  • 1 – Rangefinder (your guide will have one)
  • 1 – Watch
  • 3 – Taxidermist shipping tags
  • 1 – Travel Clothes
  • Extra Batteries