Alaska Unit 9 Moose Hunt #AIGS3

Unit 9 Alaska Moose Hunt

Alaska Unit 9 Moose Hunt #AIGS3

Trophy Alaska moose outfitter with a very high success rate on harvesting moose in the 60-70 inch range.

This trophy moose hunt begins in Iliamna, Alaska. Hunters are picked up at the airport and taken to the fishing lodge the outfitter leases for his Unit 9 Peninsula brown bear hunts and moose hunts. Hunters are then flown to a tent camp set up in great moose country near Lake Iliamna and Kamishak Bay. Hunters can fish for silver salmon to have a bit of variety for dinner. Wolves can also be harvested on this hunt. Hunters will hunt spot and stalk to an area and the guide will also be calling your trophy moose to you.

An absolute TANK of a moose.
An absolute TANK of a moose.
  • Outfitter takes 63 inch bulls on average.
  • Hunt starts in Iliamna, Alaska. Hunt includes lodging in the Outfitter’s lodge in Iliamna before and after your hunt.
  • Price includes bush flight to camp and return.
  • Heated tent camps.
  • No draw required.

When a moose is harvested,  the hunter, meat, trophies (cape and antlers) are to be picked up and flown into Iliamna, weather permitting to be frozen and shipped air cargo to Anchorage. Once there it is picked up by an expediter to be fleshed, salted, dried, and process the antlers according to the instructions of the hunter. The possession of meat is designated by the hunter prior to the hunt.

Regardless of who retains what in terms of the meat, it is immediately frozen in the game bags and heavy duty “contractor bags” along with cape and the skull cap of the antlers are hermetically sealed at the air cargo facility in Iliamna prior to shipping. Indian Valley Wild Game Processing is available for the meat processing.


  • 11 days of guided hunting. *Each hunt is conducted by an assistant guide AND an apprentice guide/packer.
  • Lodge stay before and after the hunt in Iliamna.
  • Bush flight to camp and return.
  • Trophy care in the field.
  • Tent camp lodging, Meals in camp and the lodge before and after the hunt.

Not Included:

  • Trip Insurance
  • Airfare to Iliamna, Alaska.
  • Alaska Hunting License, Registration Permit, and Locking Tag.
  • Tips to the guide
  • Meat processing
  • Taxidermy work
  • Shipping of meat and antlers back home, including air cargo shipment and expediting service in Anchorage.

Lodging and Accommodations

During your hunt, you’ll be staying in a tent. Each camp is situated adjacent to “an elevated observation (platform/knob).

Their lodge serves as a base of operation before (AND AFTER) the hunt. Although she is alive and well in the “modern” 21st century she has been in operation since the 40’s and provides an vintage “old school” experience even with the internet “WiFi” access and satellite TV.

Each hunt is conducted by an assistant guide AND an apprentice guide/packer.

Early morning starts with a hearty breakfast to fuel your day. Hunters and guide then move to areas to call or to an elevated to glass the country where moose are normally known to congregate for the mating season. Sack Lunch is taken along to be eaten in the field. After the hunting day is over return to camp for a delicious dinner. Regular meals in camp mixed with fresh vegetables and meats and some dehydrated mountain house type meals also. There will be fresh fruit (apples and oranges) in camp.


Travel Information

Outfitter will pick you up in Iliamna, Alaska.