Alaska Unguided Moose Hunt #OI-WAS1

Mike Romanowski with a 2018 unguided moose

Hunt #OI-WAS1

Alaska Unguided Moose Hunt

Hunt western Alaska with our outfitter who is very knowledgeable, as he holds exclusive guide use permits for over 6,000 square miles of some of the best moose hunting in the state.

Moose season in Western Alaska is only 20 days, and these drop camps are limited to insure low pressure and stable, high moose populations. The outfitters planes are in McGrath the entire moose hunting season to keep these 10 day unguided moose hunts moving, and on schedule when the weather allows flying. With his own planes, boats and concession, the outfitter does not have to rely on others to insure that your hunt goes as planned. On the unguided, fixed-camp hunts you will dropped off along a river with a boat and motor. You set your camp and hunt the area surrounding camp.

Self guided Alaska float hunt for moose
Hunt from pre-established campsites along a river system, with boat, motor and fuel provided.

On a typical day, you’ll rise early, eat breakfast and hunt the mornings, calling and working the river or area sloughs. Midday can be spent resting and calling from a stationary vantage point or location near camp. Hunt again hard in the evening when moose are more likely to be moving and responsive to calls. Use the boat and motor to access areas along the river near camp and change locations as animal movement dictates.

Patience is often the name of the game when moose hunting. As the weather and rut activity changes during the hunt, the moose activity and movement will as well. The area holds a high population of moose and a good number of legal bulls so persistence and hard work are regularly rewarded with big bulls. Once an animal is down you call the outfitter and a plane is sent to retrieve your meat once it’s been broken down and ready to leave the field.

Drop off trophy moose hunts tailored to you and your groups preferences.

  • Area holds a high population of moose with good trophy quality.
  • Hunt includes logistical assistance considering travel/license/tags/post hunt.
  • Hunt from pre-established campsites along a river system, with boat, motor and fuel provided.
  • Hunters can take black bear, wolverine and wolf at no extra charge with appropriate tags.

Most of our hunters make it a combo hunt by purchasing bear and wolf tags.

If tags are pre-purchased, hunters can also take black bear, wolf and wolverine at no extra charge. If you tag out early, you can call for a pick up. The outfitter will work to get you out of the field as weather and scheduling allows. Once back in McGrath there is logistical assistance to arrange butchering, expediting and transport of gear and trophies.

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Ralph Crystal 2014 Alaska moose

Dates and Pricing

Interested in booking this trip? If you have not yet received pricing please request it here, and be sure to reference the trip number at the top of this page. Please note that reservations are not considered finalized until agreed upon deposit is received. This ensures agreed upon dates and current pricing. Quality outfitters are in high demand so let us know right away, as some trips do book years in advance.


  • Logistical assistance considering travel/license/tags/post hunt.
  • Airport pickup/return in McGrath, AK.
  • Detailed hunter orientation.
  • Transportation to/from the field and McGrath, AK, including all equipment and animals taken. (Moose/black bear/Wolf).
  • Hunt from pre-established campsites along a river system, with boat, motor and fuel provided.
  • See recommended gear list below.
  • Camp rental packages are available on a limited basis for an additional cost.

Not Included:

A huge bull one of our hunters took right near his camp.
Camp equipment is responsibility of the hunter unless rented through OI at additional cost person.

Lodging and Accommodations

  • Camp equipment is responsibility of the hunter unless rented through OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL at additional cost per person. *See a recommended gear list below.
  • Food is hunter’s responsibility unless food package is purchased ahead of time at additional cost. (Limited availability.)

Travel Information

Fly to Anchorage, Alaska then take smaller commercial air or charter to McGrath arriving the day before hunt is scheduled.

  • Lodging at hunter’s expense in McGrath, then complete paperwork and hunt orientation.
  • Fly into field on first day of hunt, set camp and scout area.
  • Hunt starts next day (you cannot legally hunt the day you fly in).
  • Fly out on day 10 weather depending.
  • Plan another overnight in McGrath to care for meat and trophies.
  • Then air service back to Anchorage and home.

Photos from this hunt:

Suggested Gear List for an Unguided Hunt in Alaska

Gear Rental Package available on a limited basis. Contact us for pricing.

___Good quality rain gear (tops & bottoms)
___Down or wool jacket
___Wool pants (or equivalent)
___Wool shirt (or equivalent)
___Long underwear
___Clothing you can layer to accommodate 15 to 55 deg. Weather

___Comfortable camp shoes
___Hip boots (insulated – ankle fit)
___Extra wool socks

___Playing cards/book
___Insect repellent
___Head net
___Flashlight/headlamp – extra batteries
___Compass or GPS (GPS a must for float trips)
___Satellite phone (Iridium-type)
___Non-electronic moose call
___Rifle (at least 30.06 with 1 box of shells)
___or Bow
___Soft case for rifle or bow
___Break-down fishing pole should be considered; the rivers do have fish. (Fishing license required.)
___Sleeping bag (rated to min. 0 degrees)
___Pad or air mattress
___3-4 small tarps
___Heavy duty rope & parachute cord
___Matches (waterproof case)
___Disposable lighter & candle
___Flagging tape (to mark kill site)
___Small shovel
___First aid kit

___ Pot & skillet
___Plates, forks, knives, spoons
___1 Water jug
___Water purifier with minimum 2-3 filters
___5 gal. bucket for gathering & settling water
___camp stove – propane or dual-fuel ***see below

___9 game bags, heavy duty (cotton only)
___Extra game bags for bear, wolf hides, cape
___Salt (for cape)
___Lemon juice or citric acid or Tabasco
___Skinning knife with sharpener
___Meat saw
___Tags & marker to label bags/horns
___Alaska hunting license with moose tag & optional black bear tag. You can purchase these ahead of time from the outfitter. Worksheets will be mailed in June before your hunt.


This should include freeze dried foods. Bring a week’s worth of extra food and medications. Butane fuel is not available in McGrath. Do not put it in your luggage or mailed boxes. If discovered, your luggage will not make the flight from Anchorage. Bring a propane or dual fuel stove, or mail butane as declared HAZMAT.

Gear (150 lbs. MAXIMUM per hunter) should be packed in small to medium duffel bags. ***NOTE: NO LARGE OR XL DUFFEL BAGS OR DRY BAGS. They do not fit in the bush plane. Dry bags should be used for float trips. One plastic tote or cooler, no larger than 18 gallons, allowed per drop camp. **Float Hunters: NO totes or coolers and small/medium dry bags only!

****BOWHUNTERS: State of Alaska requires all bowhunters born after 1/1/1986 to have NBEF or IBEP certification card. You must physically have this while in the field.

****CROSSBOW HUNTERS: Beginning 7/1/18, all crossbow hunters, regardless of age, must complete an ADF&G approved Crossbow Education course.

We are required to verify these cards before we transport you into the field. If you do not have it, bring a rifle. Please check the ADF&G website for more details.