Alaska Unguided Moose Hunt #AVA1

Brandon’s bull had my heart beating out of my chest!

Alaska Unguided Moose Hunt

You will need to provide your own camp! The transporter will drop you in a proven camp.

  • DIY: This is a totally unguided moose hunt where you will be transported to and from a remote lake away from the road system.
  • Primarily GMU (game management units) 16A and 16B.
  • Length of Hunt: 10 day unguided hunt.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to difficult. Hunters need to be self reliant and able to pack a heavy load.
  • Hunting Terrain:  Moderate with low hills covered in fairly thick spruce trees and willows interspersed with meadows, lakes and bogs.
  • Guides: Unguided – Transport only
  • Season(s): September
  • Trophy Quality: Bulls average high 50’s to 65″. To be legal a moose must be larger than 50” or have at least three brow tines on one side. (Hunters are responsible to know and abide by all State of Alaska Fish and Game Regulations.)
  • Success Rate: Traditionally 73% for moose and 66% for black bear.
  • Combo: If you are interested in harvesting a black bear, Unit 16 has a high concentration. If you happen to kill a black bear on your hunt and they can fit it on the plane with the moose, there is no additional fee for the bear. That’s a pretty sweet deal! we also suggest you get a wolf tag.
  • Planes: They currently fly float planes, as there are more places to safely land on water close to the animals than gravel bars.
  • Meat/Trophy Process: Outfitter has recommendations for butcher/taxidermist in Wasilla and Anchorage. Prices vary depending on the service.
  • 2 person minimum: Each person can take 325 lbs (that’s body weight and gear) per aircraft load. If additional loads are needed, it can be accommodated that for an additional fee.

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Cory Calling Moose from the Beaver Lodge

Dates and Pricing

Interested in booking this trip? If you have not yet received pricing please request it here, and be sure to reference the trip number at the top of this page. Please note that reservations are not considered finalized until agreed upon deposit is received. This ensures agreed upon dates and current pricing. Quality outfitters are in high demand so let us know right away, as some trips do book years in advance.


  • Flight from Wasilla, AK into the backcountry where you will be hunting.
  • Flight back from camp to Wasilla.

Not Included:

Moose camp

You will need to provide your own camp!


What if there is only one hunter and/or three hunters? They can take solo hunters and groups of three, however there is an additional charge for the empty seat.

How many hunters can you put in a camp? We like to drop two hunters per camp. Doing so maximizes your chances of a 100% success rate. We can put up to four hunters per camp, you should realize this minimizes your chance of a 100% success rate.

Who determines the hunt location? They will fly  hunters over a couple of different areas. From this point hunters decided on the drop location.

Will we see moose on the flight out? Most likely you will spot moose on the flight out. However, not always… Just because you don’t see moose doesn’t mean they are not there. Please keep this in mind.[

What is the success rate for your non-guided moose hunts? Over the past ten years, success rates have ranged from 58-73% with average being in the high 50” to 65” range. Some years ARE better than others. It is mostly weather dependant.

What Units are we hunting? This hunt is typically in Units 16A and 16B. We also transport to other units. Pricing available upon request.

What happens when I have a moose down? Once you have a moose harvested, give the outfitter a call or text via satellite phone or satellite messenger. He will do our best to be out the following day to pick up. You must have the meat and antlers lakeside for pickup. Remember, all meat comes out of the field prior to antlers.

How can I get my meat to the processor while I’m in the field? As an added service, the outfitter will transport your meat to the processor of your choice at no additional charge.

How much meat can be harvested on the average moose? With bone in the front and hind quarters and all other meat, the average weight of a processed moose is between 600 to 650 pounds.

What type of hunting is it spot and stalk or raking and calling? Due to the topography of the areas that this hunt takes place in, these hunts are a rake and call type hunt with minimal amounts of spotting.

Do we have to hunt far from camp? No, our most successful hunters never hunt very far from camp.

Travel Information

Unguided moose hunters will fly to Anchorage, Alaska where they will either Uber ($90) or rent a car to the Best Western on Lake Lucille in Wasilla.

  • There is a rental car company in Wasilla to return the car.
  • If you need to do some running around to get some gear, the outfitter will rent you his suburban for $100. There is a Sportsman Warehouse and Three Bears Store (get an inflatable raft at Three Bears) where you can get anything you may need.
  • If you are flying into the field on the same day you arrive, the pilot will pick you up at the dock behind the Best Western. Have your gear in small to medium sized waterproof duffels.
  • If you are spending the night in Wasilla, you can either stay at the Best Western or rent the pilot’s guest cabin.


  • You will fly out of camp to the pilot’s home where you can either take your meat to a processor or process it yourself in his garage.
  • You can buy airline approved freezer boxes at Sportsman’s Warehouse.
  • You can either rent his cabin or stay in the Best Western until you are ready to fly home.
  • On the day you fly out, Uber or rent a car to Anchorage.

Photos from this hunt: